Puttering and Journaling…

By on April 18, 2012
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Yesterday was my first full day at home (with the exception of going to the walking path) in quite some time. It gave new meaning to Edith Schaeffer’s encouragement that there must be at least one person in the family who takes responsibility for the home.

It took four loads of dishes to clean the kitchen (I do not have a dishwasher except me) and that is with just two of us here. It is a good thing that my hubby makes his own breakfast and lunch… so I will not complain (much) about the number of dishes he leaves behind.

He tells me the dishes reproduce by themselves in the sink. He helps a lot around the house but despises doing dishes. I get unsettled when the kitchen is messy so it was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to have a clean sink and clear counters again.

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scrapbook journalI love puttering around the house decluttering and tweaking it here and there but it is only enjoyable when there is a clean canvas to work with! Never perfectly clean, of course… we do live here.  🙂

For a few evenings (during the very busy days), I spent some time perusing my original scrapbook journal which is only photos and prose cut out of favorite magazines like my old Victoria issues.

I get inspired just looking at the pictures of pretty rooms and beautiful scenery. It is full and now I created a different kind of scrapbook journal (inspired originally by the dear Jewels!).

scrapbook journal 2I’m just starting to add the “Garden 2012” pages to the journal this year. Above is an example of last year’s garden pages. I’m also going to add some Wendell Berry quotes today, all from a library book called “The Selected Poems of Wendell Berry”.

If you are interested, I wrote a post about how I put together my scrapbook journal… here.

The additions I’m doing now are the first in about six or seven months! Sometimes I get inspired to write, at times just to “paste” (with double sided tape) some inspiring magazine photos or prose, and then there are months and months when I just read through it.

I don’t feel a bondage to it like I must always be keeping it updated. I don’t use mine like a daily diary, instead it is full of snapshots of my life… my interests at the time.

Although it would make a lovely journal for writing in more often if one was so inclined.  🙂


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Puttering and Journaling…