Do You Have a Dream?

By on May 28, 2013
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By Andy Mason –

What’s the big deal about having a dream, a picture of the future that you want to live in some day? Why should I bother discovering the dreams inside my heart and holding onto those dreams in spite of the onslaughts of opposition? Why should I reconsider resurrecting dreams assassinated by discouragement or disappointment?

One of the greatest values of dreams is that they are activists of hope. Dreams are hope carriers. Without hope people waste away in a life of existence rather than pursuing a life, fully alive. Have you recently met someone who is in the process of discovering or pursuing or living their dreams? They carry a contagious zest for life that can jump on you, if not scare you or challenge you in your own condition of acceptance of the status quo.

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Remember when you were young and full of dreams? When nothing was impossible and every day was a new opportunity?

Recently I was coaching a seventh grader whose dream was to discover and colonize a new planet. Wow! That shocked, challenged and inspired me. In my world, his dream is beyond the realm of possibility. But who am I to say that in 10 or 20 or 50 year’s time it will be the reality? Fifty years ago, landing someone on the moon was seen as outrageous. As we talked about some steps he could make to walk towards this dream he came up with the agreed action of speaking with his uncle-in-law who knew something about what it took to become an astronaut. When asked where his uncle was, the young dreamer’s response was “Oh, he’s in space at the moment.”

As I get to coach people in their dreams and see so many people discovering, pursuing or realizing their dreams I am continually re-filled with hope. Not only that, when I even think on my own dreams and what simple things are in my hand to move towards them, I am inspired by hope to move forward. Hope is released all around me! As we have been coaching people in putting legs on their dreams we are starting to gather evidence of the power of dreaming in releasing hope.

Two dreamers, unknown to each other, had been struggling with depression for five years. After starting the dream process and continuing to move towards discovering and realizing their dreams, BOTH of these individuals are now free from depression and beginning to live again! Is it possible that a desire fulfilled or a dream journey even begun is a tree of life to those who will pursue it? What vessels or hope are you carrying that are waiting to be discovered or resurrected or walked out? What people around you are dying for you to pull some of their dreams to the surface? What would it be like to be in a community where everyone was doing the same?

So what are your dreams and how can you tap into that hope to spill over into the lives around you?


Andy and Janine Mason come from the beautiful east coast of New Zealand. Together with their four elementary aged children and ten suitcases, they arrived in Redding, California in August of 2008. They had a dream to give their lives to build the lives of people. Little did they know they would soon be partnering with Danny Silk and his new team to help build an organization to build the lives of people. Andy and Janine developed and now lead the Dream Coaching Program at Bethel Church in Redding, California. This has spread into programs, classes and workshops in schools, businesses, churches and community groups. What started as a simple dream is growing into a life-giving movement in the United States, New Zealand and beyond. For more on Andy and Janine go to

About Andy & Janine Mason

This article was written by Andy and Janine Mason who are the directors of Dream Culture - a movement catalyzing people to discover and live their dreams. What began as a Dream Coaching tool has now developed into programs, classes and workshops in schools, businesses, churches and community groups. Andy and Janine are on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California, where they reside with their four children. For more information and resources to help you on your dream journey, see

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Do You Have a Dream?