Do You Burn Bridges?

By on June 26, 2013

By Janet Uszynski –


It’s important to know that if we are in any type of service industry, seek volunteers or sell any type of product that we don’t burn bridges if a situation doesn’t turn out the way we wanted or expected.

What is a bridge as it pertains to people and relationships? A bridge is a connection from one person to another and when we burn that bridge it cuts off any further communication or opportunities in the future.
Why do bridges get burned? I see this time and time again from being a customer or seeing others get disappointed and frustrated with a situation or person then decide that they will burn that bridge. When we get upset or mad at others for not buying or following through on a situation or thing after much work that was done can lead to a burning bridge without much thought of grace. Friends not measuring up to our expectations or showing up when we need them can lead to a burning bridge. More times than not we our uncertain of why others did what they did or responded the way they did but we make an emotional decision to burn that bridge. Most clients, friends and associates will come back around and could buy or provide the help you needed at a later date if we are patient and show grace. If we are hasty and burn that bridge we have lost any future opportunity for success.

When we go into situations with an attitude of if it doesn’t turn out a certain way it’s over then our success rate will definitely dwindle. Continue to invest, put hard work into every situation and presentation because you never know who that person knows or when they will come back around. What if Jesus burned every bridge because of all the disappointment he experienced with so many when presenting the gospel or when others hurt him. How many times did others come back to Jesus at a later date? Many…and he was open, gracious and showed a loving heart that transcends all. Go into every situation with a mindset that will keep all relationships close verses ending them because of our limitations we set. Be open to see what the future holds and limit preconceived notions or opinions that most of the times are wrong.

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GRACE will keep the bridges from burning.

Janet is an experienced leader with a proven track record in leadership, sales, marketing, running companies and the training of individuals for the last 20 years. When God gave her the vision of Orchid in November 2009 and what it looks like she started her journey on building it and connecting Christian women all over. Orchid launched in January 2010 and will be moving in their 3rd year as of January 2013. You will find her at

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Do You Burn Bridges?