DIY: Turn Your Spare Bedroom Into an Art Studio

By on June 22, 2017
Turn Your Spare Bedroom into an Art Studio

The kids are gone and you suddenly have an extra bedroom that seems to have no purpose other than to store a bunch of junk. You’ve long dreamed of creating an in-home art studio but, now that there’s finally space for it, you don’t know how to start. Sound familiar?

Turning an old spare room into a productive art studio doesn’t have to drain your bank account – or your body. Here’s how to turn that DIY dream into a reality.

Clean It Up!

Of course, you need a clean palette, so to speak, before you create your dream space.

If the bedroom is filled with useless junk and debris and you have to do any type of teardown or reconstruction, consider getting a dumpster to easily handle waste. Dumpsters come in all sizes, so use an online dumpster size conversions tool to help you choose the container that fits your needs.

Develop a Plan

After your space is cleared out, think about what you need to make the space work for you. Consider what wall color will inspire you and enhances the space. For example, if the room doesn’t have a lot of natural light, a brighter wall color might be best. Remember, however that this is your studio. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use wall colors that move the artist in you.

Think about where you’ll put your work materials and equipment. Will you need easel space? How about a hard-surfaced work area? Don’t forget about seating. Don’t end up looking at the walls when you work. Plan your work area so it’s in the center of the room or in front of a window. A more open arrangement enhances creativity.

Plot it out, either in your head or on paper.

Repurpose and Get to Work

You probably already have items in your home you can repurpose for your studio. To create a hard-surface work area, look around for an old desk or table that’s not being used. One creative crafter turned a discarded baby changing table into an art supply storage unit. The possibilities are endless.

Your area is small, with space for supplies at a premium. Fortunately, you have a lot of storage options to choose from. Consider these ideas:

  • Creative craft paint bottle storage ideas: Store craft paint bottles in a spice rack, in shoe boxes with a dab of inside color on the top or clear plastic drawer units so you can see the colors without pulling each bottle out of its place.
  • Brush, towel and sponge storage ideas:  Mason jars and shoe boxes work. Multi-tier hanging baskets save space and have a great look as well.

Tips for Creativity

Don’t forget to add elements in your studio that spur creativity. For example, an inspiration bulletin board is a great way to keep track of ideas, inspirational items and anything else you might want to consider as a future project. Ideas come out of the blue, often when you’re working on something else. Use your board to remember them. Hang posters, paintings, artwork, cartoons or anything else that inspires you to create.

The most important thing to remember about creating your own art or craft studio is this – it’s yours. If it doesn’t work change it. Figure out you need and let your creative spirit shine.


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DIY: Turn Your Spare Bedroom Into an Art Studio