DIY Trellis – Make A Trellis Out of Wire

By on May 8, 2012

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my back fence line since all my trees and bushes were cut down by Colonial Pipeline during their vicennial right of way maintenance. Since I can’t replant trees I wasn’t sure how I would get some year round green back there. I didn’t want to have to look at wooden fence all the time!

So my idea is to grow vines against the fence! A living wall of green.

Jasmine stays green year round here plus in spring there are the wonderful flowers and fragrance they produce.  (Plus, should CP want to come back and do more chopping – these vines are quick to re-grow).

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But I didn’t want to have to buy trellises and vines need support especially since I eventually want it to look like this:

orange trellis

source: flckr

A wall of green with flowers in the spring. We decided to make what will eventually be an invisible trellis (when the vines grow and cover it).

So here’s what you need to make this trellis:

  • eye hooks
  • heavy gauge wire
  • ruler
  • drill or hammer and nail

DIY Invisible Wire Trellis

Measure out a grid of 12- 16 inch squares (we did 12 in. here but I think we’ll do 16 in. or so  since we have a lot of fence to do) and make a mark.

wooden fence wooden fence

Insert an eye hook at each mark. You may want to pre-drill the hole or use a hammer and nail to make a hole. It’s sometimes hard to get the eye hook screw going.

Feed the wire through the eye hooks. We did all the horizontal first and then the vertical. Twist ends back on themselves to finish off a row.

trellisPlant a climbing plant at the base and train a few vines along the wire to get it started. As it grows it should grab hold by itself but you can help it along the way.

This is a relatively easy and inexpensive trellising system that you can use for all types of plants!

There’s about 100′ feet of fence back there – so I have “few” more eye hooks to screw in :).


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DIY Trellis – Make A Trellis Out of Wire