DIY Gift Ideas for Parents of Newborns

By on November 9, 2015

By Jennifer Livingston–

When a new little life enters the world, it is important to give a gift to the family of that child, to show support and a spirit of welcoming for their new addition. The birth of each little one, especially those in families who are close to you and your family, warrant a celebration.

Did you know that, since you’re not a baby, you can make your own gifts for the babies in your life, as well as the parents of those babies? Keep reading to hear about some of the gifts that you should consider putting together the next time a loved one gives birth.

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Fleece blanket for baby, Mom and Dad.

Using fleece fabric, create a tie blanket that is large enough for the little one’s parents to use when they snuggle with their baby. Go big or go home. Buy two pieces of fleece fabric at the store, lay the two pieces on top of one another with their good sides facing out — consult a philosopher about the nature of ‘good’ to help decide — then cut slits around the edges of the fabric. Tie the strips that you have created, connecting the two pieces of fleece fabric. When you are finished, you will have a warm and cuddly blanket that is great for the baby and his or her mom and dad.

*This is an especially fun project because of the fact that you can customize the blanket by buying fabric of a favorite sports team or one in colors that will match the family’s home.

A gift basket for everyone.

Go to the dollar store and find and befriend a plastic basket. Choose the size based on just how many fillers you are planning to buy. Now, walk through the store and pick up items for the new family. Coffee is a good choice for Mom and Dad since they aren’t likely to be getting much sleep. A rattle or some other baby toy is great for the little one. Add in some candy, a photo frame or two, and you are done shopping. When you get home, decorate the basket by weaving ribbons through it or by adding stickers to the outside. This is a perfect gift because it includes Mom, Dad, and Baby.

A journal of baby information.

This gift requires a bit of time, but hardly any money. Buy a journal at the store and settle into your favorite chair with it when you get home. Now, get thinking. Write down all the baby advice that you have ever heard or learned – this works extra well if you have already raised a child of your own. It doesn’t work at all if you don’t have kids. Fill the journal up with advice, funny stories, inspiration, and encouragement. Wrap the journal up and the new parents will have something to look through as they set out to raise their child.

There you have it. The birth of a baby is a wonderful occasion, and you can help new parents celebrate by blessing them with these easy, DIY gifts.



Jennifer Livingston is a freelance writer who specializes on topics related to health, fitness and family. When she is not writing, she likes to bake, read and travel.

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DIY Gift Ideas for Parents of Newborns