Disposing of Your Old Car: Here Are 4 Options

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People treasure their cars. However, if you have been driving your old sedan for more than two decades, it might be time to make a change. Your retirement, for example, means there are different demands on your life. A retired lifestyle does not entail daily trips. You might even need a smaller car. This means that you need to dispose of your old car. Here are some options available to you.


One of the most efficient ways to handle your old car is recycling. Most would suggest dumping it at a junkyard, but that wouldn’t be as efficient. Scrap metal recycling is the main reason for taking the car to a recycling center. That can earn you a bit of money. Additionally, cars have various components that recycling experts can strip and sell to others. Some people buy car parts to have in stock for classic car owners. Special procedures ensure that all the more toxic components of your car get proper disposal.


If your car is still in good condition, you might be able to sell it. There are two choices when you decide on this path. You can either sell it yourself or go through a dealership. The dealership choice can mean that you won’t earn as much money. Cars depreciate very quickly. Used car sellers will use that to their advantage when negotiating. This approach is however much easier than you selling it. The dealer will handle a lot of the paperwork and selling procedures for you. If you want to do the selling yourself, you need to look for a buyer and have all the paperwork ready. You will get more money if you take this approach but not really much.

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Another way to dispose of your car is a trade-in. Look for a car dealer of the same brand as your old car. Inquire if they allow trade-ins and ask for the options. Usually, these trades involve the same models but are different in age. However, some dealers are willing to allow for more generous trades. For example, they will deduct your car’s current value from the new car’s purchase price. Be careful with these trades and do your research, so you don’t make a mistake.


Car owners who are feeling generous can decide to donate their cars. Your local church or charity always needs a vehicle. Don’t think that you will lose out on your car’s value. With a suitable donation, you can likely use it as a tax deduction.

Disposing of your car should be a careful process. Cars at the end of their lives are full of hazardous waste. The methods above should assure you that your car will not be a danger to the environment. You can also earn a bit from the disposal. That amount can go to the purchase of your new car. When you finish everything, you are sure that you did the right thing with your car.

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Disposing of Your Old Car: Here Are 4 Options
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