Discover E-Reading with Library App Libby

By on October 22, 2021

Whether you’re an avid reader or haven’t touched a book since high school, you might be surprised to learn that your local public library has ebooks and audiobooks. Digital books or e-reading is free and available 24/7 from the comfort of your home which has been especially useful throughout the last 18+ months of the pandemic when library buildings were often closed. Now the question is how to sign up for a library card remotely if you don’t already have one?

That’s where the Libby app comes in. Libby brings the best of your local public library right to your phone, tablet, or laptop. All you have to do is log in with your library card. If you don’t have a library card, Libby allows readers in over 60 U.S. markets to create an Instant Digital Card in under 30 seconds by simply entering your phone number into the app when prompted. Almost immediately, you will be able to access and borrow from your local library’s collection of digital ebooks, audiobooks, and in many libraries, digital magazines. Most adults already have a phone, tablet, or computer to stay in touch with friends and family – so why not make the most of your device and read a great book, too?

Library of Books on the go

Libby offers features to make e-reading easier for everyone. This includes customizable text size, high color contrast, and a wide variety of fonts, including a dyslexic font option. Libby returns your borrowed materials automatically, so there’s no need to set a reminder or worry about late fees. If your favorite ebook is already in use, you can join a waitlist and you will be alerted on your device when it becomes available – saving you two trips to your local library! On Libby, you can also borrow from a collection of digital books available for immediate checkout. With digital, you can check out several ebooks and audiobooks at a time without the need to carry anything but your device.

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E-Reading makes reading more convenient

If you find reading strains your eyes and you have difficulty focusing, audiobooks might be right for you. Audiobooks are professionally narrated – and often come with sound effects or a full-cast performance – and read directly to you, no glasses required. All you have to do is pick out the audiobook on Libby, pop on a pair of headphones or connect to a speaker and the narrator will take you away. Libby audiobooks are also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can listen as you are driving to the store or taking a road trip to visit family and friends.

Libby is for bookworms and novice readers alike, and your local library’s large variety of ebooks and audiobooks allows you to choose from a wide array of topics, from bestsellers to classics. Need a new recipe for dinner with the grandkids? Your library has cookbooks with your new favorite recipes. Planning a trip? Your library has travel books covering destinations all over the globe. Wanting to catch up on celebrity gossip? Your library has the newest editions of your favorite Hollywood magazines.

Compatible E-Reading app

It’s important to remember that reading has many benefits beyond simple entertainment: reading strengthens cognitive health, concentration, and memory. Reading is also a natural and healthy stress reducer and can be a powerful tool to combat loneliness, particularly around the holidays. Libby can also help connect you with a digital community of readers. In addition to your library, apps like Goodreads or local Facebook groups can help you find book clubs and discussion groups that bring book lovers together from the comfort of home.

Interested in trying Libby? The app is compatible with almost every device and is available to download on iOS and Android. Readers in the U.S can also check out digital books for the library and “Send to Kindle”. In addition, Libby can be accessed directly from your web browser at libbyapp.

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Discover E-Reading with Library App Libby