The Different Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Mobility

By on September 16, 2019

It is common for seniors to experience limited mobility as they grow older, which could be caused by chronic pain, illness, or disability. Rather than struggling on each day and accepting your physical limitations, there are actions you can take to improve your movement and mobility both inside and outside the home.

To improve your quality of life, learn about the different ways seniors can improve their mobility.

Embrace Physical Activity

If possible, you should incorporate more physical activity into your everyday life. While a long walk outdoors might not be feasible if you are struggling with mobility problems, there are actions you can take to improve your range of motion. 

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For example, you could tackle the stairs with a loved one by your side, use a cane to support you as you move from room to room, or try seated upper body workouts to work both your heart and muscles. 

However, always consult your doctor before incorporating physical activity into your lifestyle, which can prevent you from overexerting yourself and reducing your mobility even further.

Start Stretching

There are various gentle exercises you can undertake that could improve your range of motion. For example, yoga can be modified to suit a medical condition, age, weight, and disability. 

For example, chair yoga is an ideal option for those living with:

  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

There are also seated Tai Chi exercises you can perform while sitting in an armchair, which can improve your strength and flexibility. Again, you should consult your doctor to ensure a stretching exercise is right for your needs and health.

A Personal Electric Vehicle

If you struggle to navigate through busy supermarket aisles, walkthrough crowded spaces, or move from A to B across the home, a personal electric vehicle from Zinger Chair could be a smart investment. 

The patented two-lever control system can make moving around easier than ever, which can support your mobility each day. It can increase your confidence when in public and will allow you to live your life to the fullest.

Water Aerobics

While limited mobility might stop you from running or lifting weights at the gym, aquatic exercise might be an ideal option, as it will allow you to work out without placing pressure on your joints, muscles, and bones. 

Contact your local fitness center to identify if they regularly host water aerobics classes for seniors, which you can enjoy with your friends or a caregiver. 

It is an effective way to remain fit and limber while improving your cardiovascular health and physical strength.

A Stairlift

If making your way up and down the stairs is becoming increasingly difficult, you should consider adding a stairlift into your home. All you’ll need to do is sit on the chair before pressing a button, which can gently transport you up or down the stairs. 

It could improve access to your bedroom or bathroom and can support your quality of life within the home.

It can be hard to accept physical limitations as people grow older, especially if they are living with a painful medical condition or illness. While mobility issues can impact your lifestyle in a number of ways, they don’t need to stand in the way of you completing various everyday tasks with ease and confidence.

Don’t allow a medical condition or illness to limit you to an armchair. Instead, you should incorporate the above tips into your daily life to improve your mobility, flexibility, and health each day. They are bound to make a big difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing.


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The Different Ways Seniors Can Improve Their Mobility