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By on June 1, 2011

New Family at Peaceful Grace!

What an exciting week at Peaceful Grace Community Church! A new family, the Hodges, recently moved to Brooksville and visited our church last Sunday. They are so neat! Before the service, I volunteered to give them and their two daughters a friendly tour. I love showing off my church. I wear a conductor hat and say “all aboard the Cynthia train! Choo-choo!” People love it!

Our first stop was the newly built café center where you can enjoy a complimentary latte or a tasty pastry. The croissants are shipped straight from heaven! I told the Hodges that the café is where the ‘hip’ college crowd hangs out. Conversations here can range from designer jeans to which Christian rock band sounds the most like Coldplay. That stuff is way over my head! You never know what can happen at the café. I’ve seen kids pull out guitars and sing songs right then and there. Hey, are we in Greenwich Village?! That line always gets a laugh!

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The next stop was the Sunday school classroom where we would drop off the kids. Arthur and Peggy Hodges have adorable twin daughters in the first grade named Pearl and Rita. Double cuteness! I like to tell people with twins they’ve been given a second helping of blessings (because it’s true). The girls looked like little angels in their pink outfits but why do parents always dress their twins the same? Do they not want us to know who is who? Luckily, I had a blue marker handy so I made a little ‘X’ on the right cheek of Pearl. Now I could tell them apart!

After dropping the girls off, I showed the Hodges the sanctuary. If there is time before the service, I like to have guests sit in 5 or 6 locations. I ask ‘what feels right to you?’ The Hodges thought they might try the back left, near the exit. That’s a safe place for visitors. I told them once they get established, they should probably move up. Glen and I sit in the third row!

The Hodges mentioned that they might visit Upper Hillside Community Church next week. I encouraged them to try other churches but warned Peggy that Upper Hillside has been known to enable back sliding. Their pastor has even shown clips of movies with a PG-13 rating (one below R) during the service to illustrate some point.

I really do hope the Hodges make Peaceful Grace Community their permanent home. I would be very upset if someone did or said something during their visit that turned them off.

God Bless,

Cynthia Stone

Cynthia Stone, a respected member of Peaceful Grace Community Church in Brooksville, is a regular contributor to LB. She writes about everyday occurrences that involve her efforts to make her church the best in town. Cynthia claims that Upper Hillside Community, the other church in Brooksville, has a lukewarm congregation where the women have been known to cheat at cribbage. LB does not share the opinions expressed in her articles. Cynthia can be reached at: [email protected].

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