Why I am so Cuckoo for Pure Coconut Oil

By on May 1, 2012

By Kelly McElrea –

It’s true; I am cuckoo for coconut oil! This is a new discovery for me. Although I have been hearing about the benefits for years it wasn’t until I did a raw food cleanse by Penni Shelton that I discovered all of the benefits. My favourite benefit that I have noticed so far is how it has helped my skin, specifically my face.

Thanks to Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz and “The Healthy Home” I learned about the dangers which lurk in our body care products, everything from shampoo and conditioner to our favourite moisturizer. With a little knowledge, body care I once loved due to pretty scents I now found a turn off and was unaware of the adverse effects they can have on our overall health. For the most part I had already started using Sense as I already knew there were no chemical preservatives, but I still had some old favourites that I hadn’t let go of yet. Once I read “The Healthy Home” I immediately stopped using my scented hand soap, body lotion, etc… and became very aware of looking for chemical preservatives in the skin care products I used.

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Thanks to Sense I was already enjoying a chemical free skin regimen for my face and body. As well I was absolutely in love with their hair care and loved how shiny it made my hair! I was using Sense both at night and in the morning on my face and not only did the product work, but I was not lathering myself with harsh chemical preservatives. This regimen on my face was good, but it became even better when I learned about the benefits of pure coconut oil and how naturally it is amazing for our skin.

After reading about the benefits in Penni Shelton’s book “Raw Food Cleanse” I immediately had to try it for myself. Night one I got a little carried away, I am sure my face looked like a slip and slide I was so shiny and oily. I woke up in the morning with very greasy hair but it didn’t matter when I took a look at my face. I could not get over just how soft and supple my skin was after just one night applying coconut oil! Honestly, I couldn’t stop looking at it or touching it, I was amazed with how beautiful my skin looked. I was hooked, after just one night, I was hooked! I now enjoy my Sense day time on my face during the day and coconut oil at night. I am so happy that no harsh chemicals are seeping into my bloodstream and even happier with how my skin is thanking me.

I am sure the questions burning on your mind is “just what are the benefits of pure coconut oil?” Here they are, compliments of the woman who introduced them to me, Penni Shelton:

Pure coconut oil leaves your skin:

  • Soft and smooth with and gives you a youthful glow
  • It is easily absorbed into the skin
  • It can help to protect against excessive damage by the sun
  • It helps to keep the connective tissues in the skin strong and supple
  • The natural antioxidants found in pure coconut oil help to fight against free radicals that damage the connective tissue that cause those nasty wrinkles we fight against so feverishly
  • Pure coconut oil also has natural antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that form a layer of protection on your skin. This in turn helps to fight against many skin conditions such as: rashes, acne and infections.
  • As well the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil have a positive reaction to the good bacteria on the skin and turn into free fatty acids. These acids are a repellent to disease causing germs.

And the benefits do not end there! As I researched further I found that they also have benefits for your hair. Did you know that massaging coconut oil into the scalp can help against dandruff? Move over Head and Shoulders there is a new natural dandruff fighter in town! It will also help keep hair free from lice and lice eggs and really who wants those?

The last benefits are not related to our skin so much as our overall health. A diet with pure coconut oil helps in so many areas. It is an immune builder, it helps to control and maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure and so much more! Read more on the benefits on the Natural & Organic Health: Food benefits, Directory Nutritional Value.

In closing I think you can see why there are so many reasons that I am now cuckoo for pure coconut oil. As always, to your health!

Kelly McElrea
Wellness Advisor – USANA Health Sciences

Sources: Penni Shelton “Raw Food Cleanse”, Dr. Myron Wentz and Dave Wentz: “The healthy Home” http://www.myhealthyhome.com/ and Natural & Organic Health Directory: http://www.organicfacts.net/

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Why I am so Cuckoo for Pure Coconut Oil