Creating a Stunning Living Room in 5 Simple Steps

By on March 8, 2020
Living Room

Having an area in which to relax, watch television, host coffee mornings and quite simply just sit in peace and quiet, if you need to, is a requirement for every home. A stunning living room is not a difficult thing to achieve. Continue reading for our five simple steps to doing just that. 

A Fresh Lick of Paint

A tired living room is often one where the woodwork is yellowing and the walls are looking a little grubby. Grabbing your paintbrush and tin of paint does not have to be a mammoth task, but it will have a huge impact on the way your living room looks. Using a gloss paint for the woodwork will allow it to be wiped down more easily when dirt and grime build-up. The shine makes it look fresh and new for a longer period of time. If you are using a new color for the walls, be sure to give it more than one coat. Although for most people, painting is something that can be done fairly easily. However, for some people, employing the services of a painter and decorator might be simpler.

Change the Window Dressings

Curtains frame the windows and can either make or break a room. To create a more striking impact, consider changing your curtains to either a new pair in a different style or color or opt for blinds. If you change from curtains to blinds, remember that you will most likely be left with a curtain rail to remove and fill where it has been. Another thing that makes a big difference is changing the curtain rail.

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Add New Features

Investing in a new feature such as an indoor water fountain can really change the overall effect and feel of the room. You can guarantee it would also be a talking point for anyone visiting your house too. Consider the atmosphere and purpose of your room. If your overall aim is to relax, the sound of the water trickling can really help with that. Other key features would be a new fireplace surround or a standard lamp. 

Add a Pop of Color

A monochrome room can look really great, but with a pop of color, the effect is far more striking. Throwing some brightly colored cushions onto your settee could be enough. Alternatively, consider the use of a couple of throws or even some strategically placed candles. This could also be achieved by creating a feature wall using wallpaper or a contrasting color to the rest of the room. 

Add, Replace or Move Art

Art on your walls can look fantastic. However, too much and your room can look cluttered; not enough and it looks unfinished. If you are feeling bored with the art you currently have, consider swapping over art from another room into this one. Alternatively, look at adding more or replacing. This can be another easy way to add some color to your room. Art is also a really great way of sparking conversation.

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Creating a Stunning Living Room in 5 Simple Steps