Coronavirus Got You Concerned?

By on March 5, 2020

The coronavirus pandemonium has taken over our media, social media streams and teetering with our mental health. It’s now time that women over 50 take back our physical health. As we address the hype of this virus and the potentially catastrophic consequences for all in the path of it, we remember how fragile life is.

Your immune system is your first line of defense against any immune challenges, such as bacteria and viruses. It has been proven that maintaining our immune system and gut bacterias, our bodies can combat various diseases and illnesses. From cancer to the “common cold” it is our bodies that require the strength to fight.

Everyone is thinking about their immunity now

With health on everyone’s mind, making us more stressed, it’s important for us to keep our immune system supported. Do not forget to wash your hands and watch your diet closely.

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Natural products are one way to support your body during times of stress and by laying a solid nutritional foundation that gives your body a beneficial head start that can boost your day and help prepare you for whatever comes your way. 

Tips on the immune system and how to protect your body through a strong immune system. 

  • Be wary of any “virus prevention” kits or products…those are huge claims to make, so anything like this may be misleading customers on their real benefits.
  • Stay well hydrated and rested, not sleeping is a fast way to taxing your body and your immune system.
  • Elderberry – research says that Elderberry is great for supporting your immune system with antioxidants and anthocyanins, which are powerful against oxidative stress and the seasonal immune stresses we all face at this time. 
  • Probiotics! According to Harvard Health almost 90% of diseases can be traced back to the gut and health of the microbiome. Support your microbiome with strain-specific probiotics that have been clinically studied.
  • Remember Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which needs to be replenished daily, and not in conjunction with sugar, as they often compete for entry into the body’s cells!
  • Find healthy outlets to deal with stress, which can also tax the body’s immune system.
  • Keep working out, but don’t overdo it! Muscle recovery taxes the immune system, as well.
  • Wash our hands thoroughly and often and make sure to DRY them. Wet hands transmit bacteria better than dry hands, but do moisturize to help prevent cracked hands which can allow bacteria in, as well. A good hand sanitizer will not dry out your hands while disinfecting your hands.
  • Keep our hands away from the face (eyes, nose, and mouth)
  • To keep your immune system strong one should avoid cold drinks and stick with hot beverages.  An elderberry hot drink or just lemon and hot water would be a great option for this.
  • Keep a humidifier around. Keeping the air moist is great for keeping mucosal membranes in the nose from drying out and cracking, letting in more potential bacteria.
  • Oregano (and not your grocery store kind/spice shelf variety, but wild oregano) is another herb that is great for immune support. Also, incorporating garlic into your diet is another way to support your body’s immune system, and for that your grocery store variety is just fine, or you can upgrade to a supplement if you’re not fond of the taste.
  • Take a multivitamin, keeping your nutritional foundation strong is important for helping your body cope with stress or illness.

Prevention is always the best course of action. The human race has seen many plagues and viruses in history, but we have come out of them. There has been the Great Plague of London or the American Plagues of the 16th Century. Boost your immune system and as we all do this, we will be able to combat the coronavirus and its potential harm it could cause to not only physical health but economic health too.

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Coronavirus Got You Concerned?