Controversy Over The Benefits of Green Tea Have Been Brewing for Years

By on October 11, 2011

By Dr. Patricia Raymond –

I’m Dr. Pat Raymond of Your Health Choice.

Perhaps your old “an-tea” promoted the curative benefits of tea for anything from sunburns to hiccups. More recently, with “originali-tea” of medical researchers, this beverage’s “speciali-tea” may be antioxidants which may keep some cancers at bay. Or not.

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In a review of 51 studies, researchers noted that the ingredient found in green black – polyphenols – contain antioxidants, commonly touted as having powerful health benefits. And while research suggests the polyphenols found in green tea may slow cell growth, which in turn could conceivably prevent some cancers, researchers caution that current studies are inconclusive.

The researchers found limited moderate to strong evidence of a benefit in lung, pancreas and colon cancer. None of the studies that simply observed people over time found a benefit for breast cancer prevention. For now, consuming tea does appear to be safe in moderation, moderation being up to about five cups a day.

For possible health benefits, more so than coffee, consider choosing green tea. Even if it isn’t your “cup of tea”.


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Controversy Over The Benefits of Green Tea Have Been Brewing for Years