AVIV Launches Concierge Services for Snowbirds Flocking to Florida

By on October 26, 2021
concierge services

The global leader in improving brain and body performance,  Aviv Clinics, is now offering extensive premium concierge services to complement its proprietary medical treatment program. Centered around hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) combined with a personalized nutrition plan and mental and physical training, the regimen is scientifically proven to enhance memory, balance, energy, and mobility for older adults.

The Aviv Clinics Concierge Services lineup, developed with the consultation and training of Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, is designed to create exclusive lifestyle experiences and daily conveniences while undergoing the three-month individualized brain health treatment. For sun-seeking Snowbirds flocking to Florida this winter, Aviv’s concierge team will manage logistical needs such as travel and transportation arrangements, living accommodations, and designating a local ambassador to share infinite amenities in the immediate area. For locals and visitors looking for elevated experiences, Aviv concierge can provide exclusive access to PGA golfers and championship golf courses, private chefs, and personal shoppers. 

“With this being the first and only treatment center of its kind in North America, we’ve received overwhelming interest from older adults across the globe – all eager to chart the course and continue healthy aging,” says Dave Globig, CEO for Aviv Clinics-U.S. “Since the 2020 opening, we learned relocating to Central Florida for three months created a logistical barrier for some. Inspired to create Aviv Clinics Concierge Services, we realized the greater opportunity to help seasonal residents and visitors enjoy everything Florida has to offer.”

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Leading the Aviv Clinics Concierge Services team is James McAuliffe, who as an award-winning Concierge Director has over 20-years of experience in the hospitality and entertainment industries. “As a team, we are setting the new standard of personalized health while empowering our visitors to take control with our support, guidance, and our inspired luxury hospitality. Our Concierge experts approach each situation with an individualized and signature touch, specializing in catering to each visitor’s unique needs and preferences to help enrich their Aviv experience while they focus on their health.”

concierge services

James McAuliffe, Concierge Director at Aviv Clinics

The Aviv concierge team and clinicians took an in-person, immersive and comprehensive training course led by a Ritz-Carlton expert representative, who addressed the principles of hospitality and five-star experience.

Aviv Clinics Concierge Services:

  • 24/7 access to the concierge team
  • Air travel arrangements (commercial and private charters)
  • Living accommodations (hotel and seasonal property rental)
  • Ground transportation (private airport transfers, daily chauffeur and golf cart rental)
  • Pet care arrangements
  • Personalized directory for nearest grocery stores, banks, shopping centers, pharmacies, religious establishments, and salons
  • Dining reservations
  • Wellness and spa appointments
  • Exclusive access to local and regional recreational, fitness, entertainment, cultural activities
    • Attractions and entertainment – parks, museum, theater, art galleries, and farmers markets
    • Outdoor activities – golfing, fishing, hiking, sand volleyball, dragon boating, shuffleboard, and bocce ball
    • Fitness facilities and clubs – archery, equestrian, billiards, dance, golf, racket sports, and swimming
  • Tours and weekend getaways to nearby cities such as Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Gainesville, Jacksonville, and St. Augustine

For visitors seeking an elevated wellness journey, Aviv Clinics offers the following immersive experiences.

  • Private Chef, Personalized Culinary: A chef prepares daily meals based on a personalized nutrition plan created by Aviv’s in-house dietitian; includes access to a fully equipped demonstration kitchen to host dinner for friends and family.
  • Healthy Golf Game: Aviv Clinics can also improve golf enthusiasts’ games. A comprehensive assessment of the client’s swing, putting, and mental performance is conducted by the Aviv team of physicians and professional golf instructors who develop a customized strength and conditioning blueprint. Package includes:
    • Twelve coaching sessions with PGA and LPGA instructors; each session lasting one hour
    • Access to more than 50 area golf courses – including exclusive executive and championship courses and unlimited time at a local driving range

The Aviv Clinics Concierge Service is complimentary and available to activate in person, phone, email, or online. For more information, please call (352) 488-2848 or visit Aviv-clinics.com/concierge-services/.  

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AVIV Launches Concierge Services for Snowbirds Flocking to Florida