Choosing a Swimsuit You Look Fabulous In as a More Mature Woman

By on July 19, 2016
choosing a swimsuit that you look fabulous in

Summer is well and truly upon us, and as temperatures soar, dreams of relaxing on the beach and fun vacation plans start to become a reality. Of course, to enjoy the sunshine and great beach, lakeside or poolside locations where you can keep cool while catching some sun, you need a beautiful swimsuit, and this is something that nearly all women find hard to shop for.

If you’re a confident fabulous woman over 50 you may well think back to summers in your teens, twenties and thirties and marvel at the skimpy bikinis you used to happily wear, but if you really think about it, you probably had some nerves about being out in them at the time, too!

Regardless of age, body shape or anything else, a swimsuit is the only thing we wear out in public that shows off most of our bodies, and that makes it quite scary. However, when you find one you love and look great in, it can also be really liberating to enjoy the good weather and the water without the insecurity! So, here we’re going to talk about finding the best swimsuit to help you look and feel great on the beach or at the pool this year.


One Pieces Are Sexy Again

Bikinis and one pieces have always been something of a major choice when it comes to swimwear. Bikinis are better for getting a tan, but one pieces are more comfortable for swimming and can also cover up any bits of your torso you are not so happy with.

This season, however, one piece swimsuits have gone from being the safer option to being cool and sexy, with some really fashionable cut out designs and retro inspired cuts that add some much needed glamor to the humble one piece swimsuit. What this means is, if you fear the bikini because you don’t like showing your belly or want more support on the chest, you don’t have to feel like you are choosing the ‘mumsy’ or frumpy option by opting for a beautiful one piece! This is pretty good news because you can find a swimsuit that not only stays in place and makes it easy to be active and play with your grandkids, but also keeps you looking and feeling on trend.

More Supportive Styles

Another great thing in swimwear of late is the rise in styles designed to offer a bit more physical support. If the classic triangle bikini is not going to help you feel like everything is being kept in place, there are now loads of styles designed with bra-like under wiring, padding and other support, and also one piece swimsuits and tankinis with control panels to keep your belly looking firm and flat, even if it actually isn’t! The increase in available swimwear that takes support needs into account is a great thing because it can really help you shape your body to look how you want it to and also make you feel better supported and more comfortable if you swim.


As well as looking for a sexy one piece swimsuit that gives you the support you need, why not look out for some great accessories to make your beach outfit look really good when you’re not in the water? This summer, sunhats are really on trend so look for a chic style that can keep the sun off your face as well as complimenting your swimsuit. Kaftan style cover ups are also big news in summer 2016 fashion, and sheer, light styles can give you something that looks pretty, is easy to wear and is less annoying to tie and deal with than sarongs and pareos. Pair your loose, light kaftan cover up with pretty beach sandals and a large, glamorous beach bag and you’ll have a beautiful outfit that will look just as great for getting drinks at the beach bar or browsing souvenir shops as it will by the shore. Remember also that the right pair of sunglasses can give you a finished look as well as protecting your eyes and meaning you won’t need much make-up!

There are lots of ways that swimwear has moved forward to become easier to wear for more mature women, and so if you want to look gorgeous and feel confident on your beach vacation, then you’ll be able to find plenty of stunning styles that also give you support where you want it! Pair these swimsuits with beautiful accessories and you will look great all summer long!

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Choosing a Swimsuit You Look Fabulous In as a More Mature Woman