Choosing a Mobile Phone for Over 50’s

By on October 11, 2019
Mobile Phone

Who owns a mobile phone? Chances are the majority of us will answer yes, and it’s unusual to find someone who doesn’t. Yet as we get older, some of us may find it more difficult to use smartphone technology.

If that’s you, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your mobile phone. There are many things you can think about when you need to upgrade, or even just check on your current device. Here are some tips to help you with your next mobile phone choice.

Go big on screen size

Having a large screen on your smartphone will help you in many ways, so consider this the next time you need to get a new phone. It’s recommended that you look for a screen that’s at least 5.5 inches. You could go a bit bigger with a six-inch screen or more, so long as it’s still comfortable enough for you to hold.

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Pick systems friends and family use

It might be best to select a phone with an operating system used by people you know. So, if you have any problems with your device, it’ll be easier to troubleshoot the issue. If most of the people you know have a certain brand of phone, then you may wish to get the same and have a phone with the same operating system on it so they can help you out if you have any questions. 

However, you might have used phones with different operating systems previously and preferred one over the other. If that’s the case, then go for what you feel most comfortable using.

Accessibility options

This is something you could check on your current phone, as well as consider when shopping for a new device. There may be options on the phone that will help you to read the screen better or improve your experience.

The iPhone range, for instance, has an Accessibility option under Settings > General. There are many items you could turn on to help, such as enlarging the text and getting the phone to say what’s on the screen. There’s also the Siri assistant, which the user can ask to perform simple phone tasks such as calling contacts.


We all need to keep our phones secure, and the information we have on them – and seniors are no exception. Do you know how to stay safe, though? You don’t have to do much to check your phone is secure, just a few simple precautions. Make sure your device has a password to open it, for instance. Some will have a fingerprint option, so you just need a finger or thumb to unlock it. Also, make sure you use secure wireless internet connections, so you reduce the risk of your personal information being stolen.

Simplified phones

For those who need a phone just for emergencies, or don’t want to have complicated devices with items you may not need and will never use, then you may wish to have a simplified phone. Brands such as Jitterbug Direct offer phones aimed at seniors that have the basics you need, but nothing more.

So you can have a phone that does just calls, but with larger buttons, for you to read and use, plus speakerphone and volume options so you can clearly hear the person to whom you’re chatting. If you’d still like a smartphone, that’s no problem either: you can have one with the same functions that you usually used – such as a touchscreen and camera – but you’ll have a simple menu and a clearer screen from which to read.

There are many phone options out there for over 50s no matter what your requirements may be. From the latest technology to the most simple of phones, you can still stay connected to your friends and family.


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Choosing a Mobile Phone for Over 50’s