Career Options That Involve Working with Children

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Do you enjoy working with children of all ages? If so, there are many career options open to people who want to serve the needs of children. Check out five interesting careers that give you the opportunity to work with children.

A Teacher

This is a go-to career for working with kids. If you teach in a public school, you need a bachelor’s degree in education. Teachers must be certified or licensed by the state in which they’re teaching. One of the best things about being a teacher is you can specialize in a subject you’re interested in such as history, science or English. Helping kids gain an understanding of a subject or subjects is the most rewarding part of being a teacher.

A School Counselor

A school counselor talks with students who are having emotional or social challenges in their lives. A counselor may address a situation where a student is being bullied by other kids. Or, a student may be having issues with their parents or siblings. A counselor can offer valuable guidance and support to the student. A school counselor is there as someone students can talk with and depend on for support. In terms of preparing for this career, an online masters in school counseling will put you on the path to this rewarding occupation.

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A Nurse

A nurse can work in a school or in a pediatrician’s office in order to focus their efforts on children. In order to become a registered nurse, you must earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing. A nurse must be licensed to work in a school or doctor’s office. Plus, nurses must participate in continuing education to keep their skills up to date. A school nurse treats students who are ill or injured in the course of the school day. Also, this professional distributes medication that students are supposed to take at certain times of the day.

A nurse in a pediatrician’s office assists the doctor by taking a patient’s blood pressure, weight, and other basic information. Nurses give vaccinations, take information for a child’s medical history, and offer other types of support to the doctor.

A Social Worker

A social worker visits homes to check on the safety and health of children. This professional may be responsible for placing foster children in homes or visiting schools to follow up on issues involving children on their client list. A bachelor’s degree in social work is a requirement for this occupation. A social worker participates in continuing education to help them to do their work in the most effective way.

A Tutor

A tutor serves children by helping them to improve their skills in different academic subjects. A tutor may work for a company that offers private lessons to children of all ages. Alternatively, a tutor may work independently visiting children in their homes to provide instruction after school. Preparation for becoming a tutor should include a bachelor’s degree in education. However, a bachelor’s degree in another subject can work as well.

Finally, these are just five careers that allow you to work with children of many ages. Being dedicated to helping children and having the right preparation for a career can pave the way to success in your occupation.

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Career Options That Involve Working with Children
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