How You Can Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Plastic waste

It can be tricky to reduce the amount of plastic waste we produce each day, each week and year – no matter how hard we try. However, it’s important we do this so we can contribute to the improvement of our environment for our families to enjoy.

Although you may have been doing the same routines for years, and even looked at alternatives to swap in, the number of items that are easily available to eco-friendly consumers grows each year. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, either. In many cases, you can even save cash in the long-term. So here are six tasks you can carry out to help reduce your waste.

Get reusable produce bags

You’re heading in the correct direction if you bring reusable bags to do your grocery shopping, but it’s time to make a change if you’re still using plastic produce bags. So buy some reusable ones to keep more plastic from going to landfills. Avoid those made from polyester or nylon – they’ll be made from plastic – so opt for cotton ones.

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Reuse glass containers

You may find you get a range of prepared foods in glass jars rather than plastic ones – including salsa, peanut butter, and spaghetti sauce, to name a few. So, instead of recycling them or throwing them away, reuse them for your own food or to take with you for bulk-buying food. You can do the same with plastic containers from butter and yogurt, just wash them and start using them again.

Use reusable cups and bottles

Refilling a reusable bottle will prevent plastic bottles from going into our oceans and into landfills. You can also take a cup into work so you can use that at your desk, rather than paper, plastic, or Styrofoam ones – meaning you can prevent any unnecessary waste. A stainless steel tumbler will keep your drink ice cold, but it can be used for hot beverages as well.

Buy in bulk

Try to get more food in bulk at the grocery store, rather than single-serving items or those in small disposable containers. Foods such as pasta, nuts, dried fruit, and grains can be bought in bulk and can work out to be much cheaper too. Bring your own refillable containers, so you don’t have to use the shop’s plastic bags – but get them weighed first.

Avoid disposable utensils and straws

Let your server know that you don’t want a straw if you go out, and opt for steel, bamboo, or glass options if you like straws at home. Carry a set of bamboo or steel cutlery with you when you eat on the go or keep some at work. Also say no to any disposable utensils when getting takeout, too.

Return reusable containers

Take back any plastic containers you may pick up at nurseries and farmers’ markets so that they can be reused. Reusing an item will always be better than recycling it. Although it might seem like a small change, these effects will all add up.

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How You Can Reduce Your Plastic Waste
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