Broken No More

By on May 20, 2015
Broken no more

By Jeanie Waters–

I think the reason that my favorite movies are those movies of personal comebacks is because they tell the story of a real life person that gets their own comeback. They defeat the odds, they go against the status quo and it makes the unbelievable believable. Ultimately they have a tragedy and then they get a triumph.  

That is picture of my life. It can be a picture of your life too. Think of Jesus when he died, he was dead three days and on the third day he made a personal comeback and rose from the dead. Peter denied Jesus three times and then repented and spoke on the day of Pentecost and brought 3,000 souls into the Kingdom so he had his own personal comeback. So it is time for you to have your our own personal comeback.

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How am I going to start on my bridge and get my own personal comeback? Let’s start with the simple things.

Sometimes it’s just setting goals, this is a good way to jump-start the triumph and victory for your own personal comeback. We must keep our confidence up. Of course, it’s easy to be down on yourself when you have to rebuild your whole life, but you have to remember the things you love about yourself, instead of the ones you need to work on. Though it’s important to recognize your flaws and to work on the ones you can work on, it’s also important to remember all of the reasons you love yourself, and all of the things that make you awesome. Make a list of all your positive traits and the things you excel in. Work to make that list longer and longer, through your words and deeds.

Though building up true confidence can take a long time, it never hurts to project confidence even if you’re not feeling it. Stand tall, keep your head up high, and look straight ahead of you instead of down at the ground. Keep your hands at your sides, leaving yourself open to possibilities instead of closing yourself off from new interactions. I have had to fake feeling confident a lot of times but the more you “fake it,” the more likely you are to feel it. Besides that the bible says we’re fearfully and wonderfully made, we are the children of the Most High God. We need to have confidence and faith in our God. 

We must maintain a positive attitude. It’s important to stay upbeat and energetic as you move toward your comeback. Though this may seem impossible, especially if you’re coming from a really bad place, the more you work on facing every day with a smile on your face instead of feeling beat up or complaining, the more likely you’ll be to get what you need. Instead of complaining, talk about the good things in life, the ones you are looking forward to. Though it’s okay to vent once in a while, dwelling on the negative aspects of your life will only make it harder for you to overcome them. Spending time with happy, upbeat people can also help you keep your own attitude positive. If you spend time with someone who only sees the worst in any situation, you are much more likely to feel the same way.

There are many more ways to start your own personal comeback that you can read in my book when it comes out. 


Jeanie Waters headshotJeanie Waters is a conference speaker, co-pastor with her husband Denny Waters at Resurrection Power Ministries in Harrison Ar. going on 8 years now and she is also a local network leader for Christian Women in Media in the Branson, Mo. area. She is the host of her own television show “Broken No More” that is televised in Harrison. Ar. Jeanie has lived through many adverse experiences and understands what it is like to walk out faith. Jeanie has a purpose in sharing her pit-bull dog type faith with others. There were times when she wanted to give up, but didn’t.  One of the most recent horrible experiences that her family just went through is she lost a 24 year old son 2 years ago to prescription drug abuse. She has held on to see her husband get right with the Lord and after 7 years of being barren she had children even though some Dr.’s said there was no way. If you are facing challenging life experiences, hang on Jeanie encourages you to fight the good fight of faith, and believe in the impossible.

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Broken No More