Is Your Brain Keeping Your Body From Exercising?

By on March 5, 2015
is your brain keeping your body from exercise

Submitted by American Council on Exercis (ACE) –

Most of us want to be our healthiest selves and exercise more often. So few of us actually do. What’s holding us back? Frequently it is not our bodies, but our brains.

How can we master our minds to deal with these mental roadblocks in advance so our healthy lifestyle plan is more likely to succeed? Learn what ACE experts have to say about the 5 most common reasons why our fitness plans fail.

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The number one reason for these fitness fails?  Stress. Ironically, exercise is one of the most researched and clinically proven ways of reducing stress, but when work deadlines are looming and bills are due, exercise can seem not nearly as relaxing as TV and ice cream.

The good news? If you can build a system for alleviating stress with exercise in advance, the hard times in life will only help you stick to your exercise plans instead of derailing you over and over again.

Check out the other four most common ways the brain can derail the body’s exercise plans here.

For that and other health and fitness topics, visit the ACE website or reach out and I can connect you to one of the experts at ACE.  


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Is Your Brain Keeping Your Body From Exercising?