Big Storage Tricks for Small Spaces

By on January 28, 2015
big storage tips for small spaces

By Heidi Cardenas –

There are many reasons to move into a smaller home. Your finances can change, your relationship might end or your kids move out, all leaving you with more house than you need or want. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, renting today is an attractive alternative to home ownership, which has fallen below 65 percent. But, when you have a whole house full of personal and residential possessions to downsize and use in a smaller space, you’ll need some storage tricks up your sleeve.

Out of Sight in Plain Sight

Downsizers should use furniture that can do double-duty, such as large trunks for coffee tables and seating benches with lids, advises House Beautiful. The article also quotes storage gurus who design couches with drawers underneath and add drawers to the inside of steps to squeeze extra storage out of everyday living space. You also can find valuable storage space inside closet doors, and interior designer Chad Eisner states that he uses his oven to store serving platters and pots and pans that are in the way when there is no room in the cabinet.

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Movin’ On Up

Many people don’t realize how much storage potential there is above eye level. For example, decorative ladders can store extra blankets, afghans or towels. Overhead storage racks can hold items that are only occasionally or seasonally used, such as bicycles in winter or cross-country skis in summer. Attach storage bins above and around a closet in a second bedroom or make room on shelves to keep items off the floor and out of overflowing closets and cabinets. Janel Laban of Apartment Therapy recommends creative use of drapes to add decorative floor to ceiling storage with bookcases or cubes that are stylishly camouflaged.

Get Creative

If your closets are full and storage bins are taking up too much space, it’s time to get creative. Use empty space above a doorway by adding bookshelves. Install pulleys to elevate and hang big items like bikes, skis and kayaks. Make your entrance pull its weight by adding benches with storage bins, wall racks and hooks. Keep as much floor space clear as possible by putting garbage cans and laundry baskets into cabinets and closets.

A creative trick for small spaces is to use fewer and smaller things. Instead of a full-size refrigerator, use a mini-fridge. Instead of large pots and pans, use smaller versions. Exchange large mixing bowls for ones that stack or pare down to one bowl. Instead of a big dining room table, use stools at your kitchen island. Whatever works best for your space and lifestyle, take a minimalist approach to your belongings so you don’t have as much to store.

No matter what you do with your small space, make sure to keep it organized and clutter-free. Look for furniture that doubles as storage, think vertical whenever possible and minimize accessories to just those that you love. If you follow these simple rules, you don’t have to sacrifice style in your small space.

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Big Storage Tricks for Small Spaces