The Best Mobile Apps for Health and Fitness of 2017

By on February 10, 2017
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You don’t need to be a fitness junkie to take advantage of the array of health and fitness apps available to us. Especially so in the new year while those resolutions are still fresh, you will want to keep things going! We have looked at a few of the best apps, their features and put the information together in this article, making your choice easier.


If you enjoy riding your bicycle regularly for your fitness needs, then you will really enjoy Cyclemeter. It collects a variety of statistics on your fitness while you are cycling and is extremely accurate. Despite the app’s name, however, it is not only for cycling enthusiasts, as it tracks all aerobic activities. This makes for the perfect app if you are going out for a jog or a walk around the park. Cyclemeter provides you with comprehensive data, especially when you are biking and Google Now Smart Cards has a handful of functions available, including, weather reporting of nearby places and information on public transit options and traffic updates.


Fitbit is one of the favorite fitness apps out there. It works along with a variety of Fitbit wearable devices, including the Fitbit Charge HR, Fitbit Alta and Fitbit Blaze. The app can help you to track your steps, flights climbed, your heart rate, calories consumed and more information related to your health. You can also log information such as your weight, recent exercises you have performed and amount of water you consume each day.


Endomondo is a must have fitness app if you enjoy getting your exercise outdoors. It tracks your bike rides, runs and other workouts, and the distance you have traveled, your maximum pace, the time you worked out, calories burned, heart rate and more. It includes different training plans and coaching features for users who opt to pay for the Premium subscription.


One of the most comprehensive health and fitness apps available is MyFitnessPal. Not only does it help you keep track of your fitness goals, but it can also serve as your one stop app for all things food and weight related. It is similar to the Weight Watchers app in that you can log your food intake, track your calories consumed, keep track of your weight and much more. There is even a database of exercises and activities you can track while working toward your fitness goals.

Available on: iOS, Android, Web
Cost: Free

PEAR — Personal Fitness Coach

PEAR — Personal Fitness Coach is great for anyone who wants to get moving with coaching right at their fingertips, without even having to leave their home. With this app, you can get coaching while performing yoga routines, at home workouts and even when you are training for marathon races within your community.

Runtastic PRO

If you are a runner or walker, Runtastic PRO is the app for you. It keeps track of your runs and walks and serves as your coach to keep you motivated so that you can work toward your fitness goals. It is worth getting the paid version because it is a onetime fee instead of a monthly subscription and offers a host of nifty features such as music player integration, coach features and voice feedback.

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The Best Mobile Apps for Health and Fitness of 2017