Best Fabric Choices in Dressing the Elderly

By on February 20, 2020
Fabric choices

Elderly people can get easily cold. Most of them also have sensitive skin. You must consider these factors when selecting their clothes. The right type of fabric choices is one way to ensure their comfort. There is now a wide selection of clothes for the elderly, and they come in different styles and materials. Below are some of the best fabrics that are ideal for older people.


It’s a natural fiber and one of the most popular fabrics used for clothing. An important characteristic of cotton is breathability. It absorbs moisture keeping the body feeling fresh. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for sensitive skins, including those of babies and the elderly. Cotton has insulating properties that provide warmth when the temperature is cold and coolness when the weather is hot. This fabric is soft, thus providing comfort to the person wearing it. 


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This fabric has surprising health benefits as it can help with hot flashes. Some silks have antimicrobial properties that can provide relief to skin irritation. It can also improve sleep, making it an ideal material for sleepwear. Elderly people can also benefit from this fabric as it is proven to help reduce some of the signs of aging like wrinkles. 


It’s moisture absorbent and lightweight, making it perfect for the summer months. However, it is also good for insulation. The elderly can wear linen clothing during the cold season as it will help retain the heat. Like cotton, it’s hypoallergenic. It’s safe to the skin, even to the most sensitive ones. Linen is versatile. You can use it on different types of clothes, including casual and formal. 


This inexpensive fabric feels soft like silk and breathable like cotton. It also absorbs moisture, keeping the skin dry for a longer period. Since it drapes well on the body, it’s great for formal outfits like dresses. A dress fabric like this will give an expensive look without the high price tag. 

Aside from the fabric used for the clothing, there are also other things to consider when dressing the elderly including the following:


It should be the number one priority when choosing their clothes. The fabrics mentioned above are comfortable on the skin. Aside from that, clothes should have the right fit. It will be difficult to move if the outfit is too tight. 

Ease of wearing

Some clothes are complex to wear. They are not ideal for the elderly because they may find it hard to put their clothes on. Their clothes should be as easy to wear as possible. 


The clothes must provide protection depending on the weather. If it’s cold, something that offers warmth will be the best choice. 


Elderly people also have their preference when it comes to the style of the clothes that they wear. Determine what they like so they will feel happy and confident wearing their outfit.

Consider these factors when dressing the elderly to ensure that they feel comfortable and confident in what they wear.


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Best Fabric Choices in Dressing the Elderly