The Best Carnival Games to Rent for Your Kid’s Party

By on September 8, 2021
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When you’re throwing your child a birthday party, you want to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to make the experience something they will remember and cherish for years to come. There are many ways to do this, but one more creative is renting carnival games for your kid’s party.

Renting Carnival Games for Your Kid’s Party

The thing about renting carnival games for your kid’s party is that there are plenty of really entertaining carnival games that the children at the party are sure to love, but there are also plenty of games that probably wouldn’t work so well in a party environment. So, when you are looking into amusement rentals, try to keep in mind which games are most likely to be fun for the kids and if you are looking for suggestions, then read on.

Hi Striker Bell Ringer

Children love to hit things. This is a fact of life that any parent would be able to tell you, which means that the Hi Stricker Bell Ringer game is a brilliant option for your kid’s party. By giving the children a big hammer and a target at the party, you are sure to have entertained them for hours as they try to get the bell at the top. Although it might be worth seeing if you can get the strength required to ring the bell reduced so that the children could actually do it.

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Duck Pond

If you’re looking for a way to spice up the party and add a little fun to the equation, then you might want to consider making some fun “party gifts” and setting them up with the duck pond. These gifts can be little packages of food or toys that the kids at the party can play with. Whatever they are, by giving them out to people who manage to fish ducks out of the pond, you are sure to get the kids at the party a much more exciting experience as they try to fish out their own ducks to win their possibly delicious prize.

Giant Jenga

Jenga is one of those games that are just ridiculously fun to play and are made even better when they’re made comically large. The premise of the game, as you know, is to remove blocks from the tower without knocking it over. However, when the blocks are giant, it makes it that much harder to keep the tower balanced while you pull blocks out, which generally leads to a really fun and entertaining game of Jenga.

Flip a Chick

Finally, the Flip a Chick is a great game for the kids to really get into and enjoy. The idea of the game is to send a rubber chicken flying into a basket. The trick? You send them flying by whacking a mechanism with a hammer. This fun little idea is sure to keep the kids entertained for hours as they try to send those little rubber chickens flying into their baskets.

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The Best Carnival Games to Rent for Your Kid’s Party