Five Benefits of Cruising From One of 29 North American Ports

By on May 7, 2012

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Great Deals From Miami, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle and Galveston, Texas

Due to the expansion of the cruise industry and availability of North America cruise ports, millions of Americans are within easy driving distance of taking a cruise, say the cruise experts at Cruises-N-More.


These “no fly” vacations make cruising an even more appealing option, and here’s why:

1. Save money. No flight expense (which can be very expensive for a family of 4) means more money for things like spa treatments, souvenirs, specialty dining and shore excursions! You also get to skip the trials and tribulations of waiting in line and checking bags. Simply arrive at the dock with your bags, ready to go.

2. Steer clear of external factors. If you’re leaving directly from home and heading to the pier, there’s no waiting for transfers to the airport, and no worries about missed or canceled flights. This is a lesson many learned in 2010 when ash from an Iceland volcano prevented air travel, but cruise travel was largely unaffected.

3. Sleep at home. Leaving from close to home means no hotels, so you avoid the expense and the time-consuming check in/checkout process. Your first “check-in” is your stateroom- and you get to sleep in your own bed after your vacation is finished.

4. Cruise on short notice. Have a free weekend coming up? Check out 3-day cruises; cruising from a nearby port makes for an easy long-weekend vacation!

5. Environmental responsibility. For environmentalists, not flying reduces your carbon footprint- always a good thing. Combine this with an eco-conscious cruise, and you’ve got a cost effective family vacation you can truly feel good about.

Chances are there’s a port that’s close to your home, and here’s a sampling of what is offered. (Click to see a listing of cruises for each port.)

New Orleans
New York
Los Angeles

For more U.S. port locations and available cruises, please visit

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Five Benefits of Cruising From One of 29 North American Ports