Banish Your Back Pain in 3 Easy Steps

By on March 6, 2016
Banish Your Back Pain in 3 Easy Steps

By Jack Anderson –

Back pain is a health condition that affects most people at some point during their lives, and it can progressively worsen with age. As you get older, you may find that you experience more aches and pains in your back. Fortunately, there are a variety of simple things you can try to alleviate this problem. So, instead of letting your back woes get the better of you, here are three steps you can take to banish the pain.

  1. Adopt a better sleeping position

If you struggle to drift off at night or wake up feeling sore, you could try adopting a better sleeping position in an attempt to reduce your back pain. Simply altering your snoozing posture could take some of the strain off your back to ease your discomfort and allow you to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Making modifications to your usual position is can be easy. For example, if you prefer to lie on your back in bed, you could try placing something padded, such as a pillow or a rolled up towel, underneath your knees while you sleep. Doing this will help maintain the natural curved shape of your spine and you should notice you get a much better sleep and wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Should you find it difficult to alter your sleeping position and to maintain it through out the night, you could invest in a bed to help do it for you. For example, the adjustable beds from specialists Adjustamatic are designed so that you can maneuver and tilt the bed into a specific position, so you can easily maintain a healthy position all night.

  1. Keep your body moving

When your back is causing you pain, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. However, the truth is, remaining inactive may only prolong the problems. So, to reduce your aches and pains, you could try moving your body more. Physical activity can help loosen and relax your muscles, improve your posture and keep your back and spine strong. Making the effort to exercise on a regular basis is also great for your overall health and wellbeing. Whether you walk, swim or perhaps a stretching or Pilates class, there are a variety of gentle exercises you can do to tackle your back problems.

  1. Use a hot or cold treatment

From paracetamol to ibuprofen, there are a variety of painkillers you can take to help ease your discomfort- it’s likely you’ve already tried many of them. However, something you may not have tested out yet is a hot or cold treatment. For example, try taking a hot bath or place a hot water bottle or ice pack on the affected area. You can also purchase specially designed hot and cold compress products from your local pharmacy. Whether you go for something hot or cold, the temperature could help soothe your pain.

Putting some of these simple suggestions into practice could help you successfully banish or diminish your back pain so you can live a more productive, active life.


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Banish Your Back Pain in 3 Easy Steps