Application Process of the Walmart Assessment Test

By on September 22, 2021
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Walmart’s hiring process starts from the moment you submit your online application. The hypermarket chain follows a different hiring process because applicants are appraised before joining the company. The Walmart Assessment Test helps in the appraisal process and involves different tests and interviews.

All employees start on entry-level as part-time workers and can only be hired on a full-time basis 90 days after they prove they are worth hiring. To help you get ready to work at Walmart, you must understand their hiring process because the test is part of the process.

Where will you apply for a job at Walmart?

Although you have an option to visit a hiring kiosk at any Walmart store, it is better if you make your application online. To apply, open the Walmart hiring center page and create your account there. If you already have an account, just log in and start your application process. You will do a pre-application test which will do a drug screen test and some background checks.

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In the application form, you will indicate your preferred place to work – city, store, department, and so on. Give your detailed contacts and indicate when you want to start working. There is a section on work history and proof of US citizenship or work permit. Attach your qualifications and you may give your personal information details. Once you submit these details, get ready to take the Walmart assessment test and begin preparing for it well in advance.

The pre-employment test

You might immediately be asked to take this test once you submit your job application form. This test is set to run for about 30 minutes and you must be ready to set aside time for the test. All the questions are sixty-five and are divided into five sections.

The first section has five questions that give different scenarios and you have to choose which one is least or most helpful. The second section contains diagrams that test your logic and math skills. The 6 multiple-choice questions test your teamwork abilities.

The third part asks you to rate the activity that would give the best results in your team in order of priority. Next, you will get eighteen questions on history and you will choose answers from multiple choices. Finally, there will be a section with fifty-nine questions that test your work style.

What to expect in a Walmart assessment test

If you pass the initial application process, you will receive the Walmart test via email a few days later. If you were prompted to take a test immediately upon application, you might not be required to sit for another test but if need be, be prepared to sit for a second test. It aims to test your personality and aptitude. At this phase, these are the areas you may expect to be tested in.

Leadership abilities

This section tests your problem-solving skills, ambitions, and emotional intelligence. It may include questions contained in the pre-employment test, also known as the Walmart assessment. The test is mainly given to those applying for leadership positions.

Situational judgment skills

This section tests how you would behave at the workplace and presents work situations that require your response. There will be 15 different scenarios to study and respond to.

Numerical skills

Mostly, applicants for finance jobs are given this test. It tests their skills in math using graphs, tables, fractions, and statistics.

Verbal skills

This part assesses your ability to read passages, grammar, and analyze the same. It relies on choices like false, true, or cannot say.

Mechanical reasoning

This test is given to engineers and applicants in maintenance jobs.

Getting ready for the interview

After passing the test, get ready to be called for an interview. The questions are based on competency and technical knowledge. It assesses your reaction in a scenario where you disagree with your team, your strengths, and customer value.

Preparing for the test

The online tests carry a greater weight in the hiring process and you must get adequately prepared to do the tests. The best way to prepare is to do online sample tests to get an idea of how the Walmart test is like.

Another way to prepare is to do research on Walmart’s way of business and understand its values. Once you get ready to fill the online application form, be sure, you are to start the tests and set aside at least three weeks of testing time.

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Application Process of the Walmart Assessment Test