Aging Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Just a Spoonful of Sugar Can Help

By on February 26, 2020

The realities of aging are hard to miss: arthritis, sagging jowls, floaters. The list of gifts that the aging process bestows upon us can feel endless. However, some realities of aging can easily be managed. In short, it’s not all bad news. The good news about aging is that people are doing it and doing it well. More people are living healthy, vibrant lives into their 90’s and beyond. As the aging population expands, so does the collection and analysis of data on how to manage the aging process. Solutions for some of the ailments we see later in life are being pursued, approved and proven to be effective; even among non-traditional channels.

Living longer also means living with inconveniences that need to be managed, and education is required to help individuals coping with a growing list of symptoms to be addressed. Recurring Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are among these ailments.  As the most common bacterial infection affecting 24 million women over age 50 each year, they aren’t something that can be ignored. And, if you have ever suffered from a UTI at its onset, you will agree that when it arrives, ignoring it is nearly impossible.

Most UTIs are caused when E. Coli enters the urinary tract. Women need to know how to prevent this from happening and seek proper treatment immediately if it does. This fast-growing infection offers a very short timeline between discomfort and danger. Recent news surrounding the ineffective antibiotic use against E. coli sounded alarm bells for nearly half of the female population at risk of kidney damage – and even death – when faced with UTIs.  For women experiencing recurrent UTIs, the risk is higher as doctors are putting them on an ongoing antibiotic regime which leaves them vulnerable to other serious infections and causes a host of other health problems.

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Based on national research conducted in February 2019 among 880 women, about 12 million women over age 50 are “asymptomatic,” leaving them at risk to remain undiagnosed for too long.  Symptoms are mistaken for dementia, and women end up in the hospital with life-threatening kidney infections.

As an alternative to antibiotic use, early clinical trials show that D-Mannose, the key ingredient in Goodbye UTI, may work better to relieve UTI symptoms and protect the bladder against recurring infections with no risk to gut-balancing bacteria.  D-Mannose is a natural, simple sugar known as a monosaccharide, similar to glucose, that the body produces when consuming fruits and vegetables (versus the sugars added by manufacturers to foods). Goodbye UTI’s powder dissolves completely in a glass of water with no taste. It travels directly to the bladder, metabolizing only trace amounts that reduce any impact on blood sugar levels, attracting bad E-Coli bacteria that cause UTIs, rinsing them out of the system and relieving symptoms quickly.

“The discussion around effective prevention and treatment needs to be broken open, said Goodbye UTI founder, Beth Allan. “We want to let women know that there’s an alternative first line of treatment when faced with a UTI that does not require antibiotics. In fact, we feel that antibiotics should be the last resort.”

During a recent clinical trial studying 308 women with a history of recurrent UTIs, the group taking D-Mannose did the best in eliminating infection with virtually no side-effects from treatment. Today, two million women are taking supplements containing D-Mannose to support urinary tract health. Within this segment, Goodbye UTI is gaining popularity for its effectiveness in flushing E. coli to from the urethra and bladder. Its all-natural formulation offers an antibiotic alternative, dissolving immediately in water or coffee with no taste or viscosity. Just one spoonful a day has been found effective in preventing UTIs and acting as the first line of home treatment when infections strike.

Goodbye UTI enables women to manage urinary tract health in just moments a day, vs. hours waiting for a doctor’s appointment and paying for a prescription after diagnosis. Please take a look at this video, which showcases how Goodbye UTI can tackle the infection. 

The Newtriment Store has introduced Goodbye UTI as the first and only pharmacist-formulated, all-natural supplement that promotes a healthy urinary tract, provides relief from the symptoms of active U.T.I.s and protects against recurrent infections. One spoonful (2 grams) equals 10 pounds of antioxidant-rich berries, without added sugar. Developed by Dr. Dustin De Panicis, a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), CEO and founder of Catalyst Nutraceuticals, Goodbye UTI is distributed directly to consumers from its website, Goodbye-UTI

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Aging Doesn’t Have to Hurt: Just a Spoonful of Sugar Can Help