Aging Can Be A Blessing, Says Beauty Expert Cindy Joseph

By on June 29, 2012

By Anne Mount –

Aging should be viewed as a big letter V, an ever-expanding “life” adventure, not like a “hill” as in “you’re over it,” says this silver-haired super model

Hate glancing at yourself in the mirror because you look and feel old? Time to put on a “new attitude” about growing older according to silver-haired beauty, Cindy Joseph, 61, who says that “age is beautiful and valuable and something to celebrate.” This former makeup artist turned Ford Classic super model turned CEO of her own skin care and cosmetics line, BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, reveals a big beauty secret: “Life gets better if you find it “good” in the first place.”

So, how did Joseph come by these words of wisdom and why create a skin-care/cosmetics line in the first place if we are supposed to welcome old age? Joseph’s philosophy explains it best.

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A Natural Beauty Style Is Born

As a high school student growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Joseph spent hours studying beauty and fashion magazines. She loved experimenting with beauty products, using them on herself and her friends. The more research she did, the more her perceptions about beauty changed. She began to oppose society’s increasing emphasis on superficial beauty and the self-esteem issues it created in women.

Her desire to instill a healthy, more balanced perception of beauty in women made her realize she could best accomplish this if she was “in the game.” She began her career as a makeup artist for celebrities and models in the late 70’s. Over the next 25 years, Joseph’s natural makeup style and her message about bringing forward a woman’s character, personality and natural beauty, rather than masking it, catapulted her into elite circles.

Her talent for bringing out the natural beauty in women got her involved in the Esprit de Corps ad campaigns with Oliviero Toscani. In Paris, she worked with European magazine and advertising clients. By the time she arrived in New York City, she had reached the top of her industry as she applied her makeup talents to super models and celebrities for famous fashion and beauty photographers.

Going Gray Pays Off Big Time

When she reached the age of 49, instead of moping around about getting older, Joseph embraced her age, got rid of her blonde colored hair and opted to let all her silver gray hair grow out.

“I realized the longer I was living, the happier I was getting,” relates Joseph. “I started talking about it, but all the while I was using a hair color to cover some of my silver hair. I realized that not only did I feel like I was lying, but others would not see that age could be happy, passionate, sensual, and all the wonderful things it is if I continued hiding the evidence.”

The day she clipped off the last of her blonde locks, a casting agent approached her on a street in Greenwich Village. She was asked if they could take a photo of her. Oh sure, she thought. But, going natural paid off for Joseph. She got big bucks. In fact. Joseph was called to model for the Dolce and Gabbana campaign photographed by Steven Meisel. And, it was this project that ignited her career as a Classic model with Ford Models, Inc. She learned that older women as models were in demand! Her modeling career has been flourishing ever since.

Over Sixty And Just Warming Up

At age 61, Joseph is still grabbing life by the tail. Today, when women are bombarded by age erasing beauty products, Joseph presents a pro-age skin care and cosmetic line! Say, what? To explain, let’s backtrack just a bit.

“As a Boomer age model, I have loved representing women my age in beauty and fashion,” says Joseph. “I learned that women over 35 were yearning to see older women represented in beauty and fashion advertising. I get approached daily by women thanking me for showing them they could let their silver hair show proudly and that age is something to celebrate.”

In the midst of this philosophy, Joseph reflects the truth. She has nothing to hide. “Your genetic make-up affects your skin quality the most,” she explains. “Next is intake, which includes what you eat, what medicine you take, and if you smoke. Equal to that are exercise, sleep, fresh air and sunshine. So, for healthy skin, it’s important to do those things, and, eat a healthy diet of mostly fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Also, it’s vital to use products that are one hundred percent safe ingredients on your skin. Remember, nicotine ‘patches’ work because your skin absorbs what you put on it and this goes into your organs!”

Aging Gracefully Requires Going Natural

Health experts will tell you that the best choices in skin care and beauty products are the ones with the least harmful chemicals. To that end, Joseph has worked tirelessly to come up with her own all natural line of products made with such ingredients as Organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic propolis, Organic pollen, Organic honey and Vitamin E. Boomstick Color (a universal color stick), Boomstick Glo (a moisturizer stick), Boomstick Glimmer (shimmer stick) and Boomsilk (a body cream), make up her philosophy “package.”

“I created these products to celebrate the beauty we, as women, were born with,” Joseph explains. “They allow your personality and character to come through with the sensual glow of joy. I want women to know that you don’t have to ‘put on your face’ anymore. You already have one. Let it shine.”

Because when all is said and done about age and aging, it seems to happen from the inside out. Joseph sums up the whole aging and staying beautiful process in just these few words: “Taking joy in living is truly a woman’s best cosmetic.”


Anne Mount is a screenwriter, Literary Guild author and award-winning journalist.

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Aging Can Be A Blessing, Says Beauty Expert Cindy Joseph