Aging Beautifully

By on December 3, 2012
aging beautifully

By Charlotte Hamilton –

Oh what it is to be 56 years old, yes a joy. No, I am not crazy or out to lunch I actually like being older! I am so much more sensible (on a good day). I no longer surprise myself! Best of all I am much kinder to myself, to others and actually finally just appreciate being alive.

When I was in my mid teens I had blossomed quite suddenly from being the fat ugly duckling who’s only friend was her ponies into a swan. The problem was internally I remained “ugly” remembering all the chants of fattie, hippo etc, yes girls even at convent school can be cruel. In my day we just had to grin and bear it, they were not the “bullies,” just popular, it was I that was the buffoon. What the heck; it was their loss. I spent my time in the library studying – books were kinder companions.

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My biggest problem was that now tall, slim and attractive there was boys, and lots of them. They loved me, superficially, adored and worshipped me and I could treat them badly, no let me rephrase; shockingly it was payback time for me but unfortunately misplaced. Worse still, if I liked a boy or a man I pretended I didn’t, I was cool, aloof and without the expertise of maturity came across cold.

In my twenties – I was, well quite frankly bloody miserable and considered quite mad. True, I was on a fast train to nowhere, desperately trying to cram everything in and almost did! I wanted to have it all and do it all. For example I wanted fly – so I learnt or rather I went for lessons. Having amassed some 30 hours and navigated to Katmandu and back from California on paper I was ready to “solo.” But prior to that, my proud instructor told me I had to practise a “stall.” That was the beginning and the end of my flying career as that day I had almost scared myself silly, not when he took out the ignition key like in a car but when he (my instructor) forced me to fly without air travelling over the wings which was an experience akin to the fright you get when your driving instructor slams his fist on the dashboard to indicate an emergency stop!

My thirties I devoted to being the best mother I could and tried to manage some sort of a executive career and husband. But it was all very, very stressful making, culminating in a nervous breakdown, divorce, and being almost bankrupt was forced to move to a smaller house and having an ordinary job.

Now I can smell the roses. They are neither from my own garden or bought for me by a tall handsome stranger, whom should he appear I am not sure how I would react. Yes, they may well be planted in other people’s gardens that I admire and sniff as I pass walking down the road but I have the time to do so, to stop and stare and I have the peace of mind and inclination to do so. Yes, I am no longer responsible for their cultivation, for even the fertiliser and do not care whether it rains too little or too much – I am free.


Charlotte Hamilton is author of the Fitface books on facial exercise that take a holistic approach to the skin’s condition, Fitface – “Hands-free” facial toning, Fitface Facial Exercises: The book of face and neck exercises and Fitface Foundations. She resides in England but was a U.S. resident for many years and visits frequently.  Email: [email protected], Website:

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Aging Beautifully