Action – My One Word

By on January 5, 2013

By Laurie Webb –

eagle soaring above mountain near cypress treeI’ve known what My One Word for this year was going to be for quite some time now. God began dealing with me about getting up and getting moving. You see, God led me into a period of rest for several months. He specifically led me to rest from all of the ministry projects I was currently involved in.

To be honest, it was a tough decision to be obedient because I had many people counting on me to continue what I was doing. And to be honest again, some people were not so accepting of that decision. Yes, I had all kinds of attitudes thrown my way!

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But, I was determined to do that which God instructed me to do. So, I stopped all ministry activities.

At the beginning of the year, I started getting a a little antsy. You know the feeling – the feeling like you are supposed to be doing something but you don’t know what. I began to get a little unsettled so I began praying and seeking God’s direction for me. Transition is such an uncomfortable time because you don’t know what is going to happen, you don’t know where He is going to lead, what doors will be opened and what doors will be closed – discomfort! So I did what I do every year in January – I went on a 21 day Fast. My focus was seeking His wisdom and His guidance for whatever it is He is preparing me for.

During that fast, God gave me a dream. In that dream, He gave me a picture of where I am, right now, in my spiritual walk. He not only gave me the dream but within a couple of weeks, Holy Spirit plainly spoke to me and revealed the meaning! God showed me in that state of rest that He ordained. He showed Holy Spirit leading a very pregnant and almost delivering me to find the place where I would birth that which God had implanted in me during that rest period. When the dream ended, I was searching for the place to deliver my baby – a baby that was about to be delivered whether anyone else was ready or not!

In addition to that dream, I heard an excellent sermon by John Wood, Pastor at Christ Chapel Sportstowne (Macon, GA) He was speaking on the topic of moving out and soaring new heights. He plainly described the very place I was in at that time by explaining how an eagle get’s her eaglets ready to fly. That mama eagle begins to take the comfortable parts of the nest away leaving an uncomfortable nest that basically makes the babies willing to get up on the edge of the nest, ready to take flight. I was certainly feeling the discomfort and I’ve pretty much found myself standing on the edge of my nest getting ready to take that step. He also spoke of the eagle’s ability to fly great heights and long distances but would come back to the nest on occasion to perch for a time of rest. God had allowed me a time to perch and rest but now He says, “Let’s Go, it’s time to take action. That which I’ve implanted within you has come to full-term and is ready to be delivered. Let’s go find that delivery place.”

So, I’ve chosen the word – ACTION – as my One Word. Because it is exactly what I, not only need to do, but I’ve GOT to do! I am compelled to action by Holy Spirit. I am so thankful for that time of rest because it allowed me time to slow down long enough for God to implant something new within me. I am excited and curious to see just what comes out of this – where I will go and what I will do. I do not feel compelled to go back to areas of ministry that I was involved in before. I have made myself open for what Holy Spirit leads me to. I’ve opened my spirit for something new. I believe that period of rest was necessary in order to remove from my mind and thoughts, the same ole, same ole. We tend to think in terms of what is familiar. So, now I must struggle not to look back but to look forward. I am very excited about this new year.

Have you chosen your OneWord for this year? If so, what is it? How are you living out that OneWord? Comment and let us know. It will encourage each of us to continue on with what God’s called us to do. Have a great year as you pursue your OneWord.


Laurie is the author of “Holy Spirit Made Me Do It” as well as a teacher of the Word. She delights in teaching new truths to believers and seeing the subsequent spiritual growth that follows. She is available for Christian conferences, retreats, and other speaking opportunities. She loves to have extended teaching time where results are evident and mentoring can occur. You can contact her through her website


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Action – My One Word