ACM Ministries-A Dire Need for Water!

By on July 29, 2011

ACM Ministries LogoACM Ministries is a faith based ministry which was planted in the heart of Aurora Castillo on a short missionary trip to Uganda in 2001. Her obedience to God’s calling is what berthed ACM Ministries.

ACM Ministries operates in the United States, Uganda, and Tanzania. The members that operate the day to day operations in the United States are Geovanni, Ketra, Oscar, and Geovanni (grandson). The members that run ACM Ministries in Uganda are: Aurora, Abu, and Godwin. The ministry work in Tanzania is run by Grace Hosian

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Women and Children Collecting Water

Women and Children Collecting Water

The Need for Clean Water is Dire

The water that the people here use to drink and bathe is filthy, dirty, muddy water. They walk 4 miles each way to fetch dirty water and boil it to try to kill some of the bacteria in the water. They often fetch water in the same watering holes that the cattle and goats drink and bathe in. We just don’t realize how good we have it in other countries.

By the grace of God and through the help of loyal givers, we have built one water well in one village. We have been trying to provide clean water to so many other villages but the terrain is rocky and the lake is 4 miles to the villages.

children in Africa carrying larger containers of water

The Need for Water

We know that one day someone will come up with an idea or might know someone that can help engineer a water well to help these other villages. Until then…we continue to pray for clean water.

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ACM Ministries-A Dire Need for Water!