A Summery Winter Trip to Sydney

By on June 1, 2015
Summer visit to Sydney

By Sarah Green –

As the Northern Hemisphere leads towards summer, the extreme heat may be too hot for over 50s who are looking for a more moderate temperature.  Interestingly enough, Sydney, Australia boasts 340 days of good weather so during their winter months (June through August) the heat averages at a balmy 65F. This is an ideal sightseeing climate if you’re planning a couple of weeks to the Southern Hemisphere. We’ve listed some must-see attractions and destinations while you plan your trip down under:

Taronga Zoo


Open every day of the year, the famous Taronga Zoo is home to over 4000 animals. You can enjoy the Roar and Snore ‘ultimate sleepover’ where you camp overnight safari style, in tents, and wake up to the occasional roar of a lion. The Zoo overlooks the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge so you’re in for a visual wake up treat. Senior prices are $32.50 (AUD) with additional rates for Roar & Snore.

Taronga Zoo

Bridge Climb

Not for the faint hearted but absolutely a must to cross off your bucket wish list, is the opportunity to climb the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge (as seen in photo at top right).  All the outdoor gear and training is included in the climb price so all you need to do is bring your adrenaline, sensible clothing and comfortable shoes. Climb leaders will guide you step by step and provide historic stories about the bridge, from its construction to 1932 opening to modern day. At this point, you can take a well deserved selfie at 134m above sea level when you reach the summit.  Prices start at $158 AUD and you can chose from day, twilight or night climbs.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Established in 1816, the Royal Botanic Gardens is the oldest botanic garden and scientific institute in Australia. Perfectly situated at the Sydney Harbour, the parkland is available to the public 24 hours a day. Hundreds of festivals and celebrations take place at the Gardens so locals & tourists alike can absorb from over 1.2 million preserved specimens while being entertained.  Entry to the Gardens is free alongside the exhibition spaces and guided tours. The Aboriginal Heritage tour is a favorite, where you can understand their plant uses, taste some bush foods and become more educationally cultured.

Botanic Gardens Aboriginal

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The Rocks Marketplace

For anyone who’s looking to live like a local during your Sydney trip, then The Rocks is a sure bet. Nestled by the Sydney Opera House, you can experience heritage architecture and cobblestone streets. Within the Rocks community are some of the city’s finest restaurants, cocooned within a hub of contemporary art and pop up spaces. Many festivals take place at this district so we advise you check their website to see which artistic creations will be performing while you’re in NSW. No one can visit Sydney without checking the Rock’s Market open from 10am – 5pm on the weekends. If you’re a foodie buff, then the culinary market is from 9am – 3pm each Friday.

Hidden Gem Hotels:

Hotel Cremorne roomMany of Sydney’s hotels are modern and newly built so we were pleased to discover two heritage hotels that are a stone’s throw from the Harbour. Four Star Cremorne Point Manor sits in the exclusive Cremore Point district, one of the city’s wealthiest residential areas. Only a 10 minute ferry ride away, you’ll be at the Harbour, ready to venture into downtown Sydney.



King Room Glenferrie 2015This is one of the city’s oldest hotels so ask the front desk about the Manor’s history. Remember to bring your bathing suit as the famous Mccallum Pool is a short walk away. If you’re on a tighter budget, three star Glenferrie Lodge in nearby Kirribilli may be an easier choice on your credit card. Again the ferry ride is a short distance to the Opera House from the Lodge. The Prime Minister’s residence is on the same street at this hotel, the same location that Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge resided during their 2014 trip.

Sarah Green works in Public Relations for Glenferrie Lodge and Cremorne Point Manor.


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A Summery Winter Trip to Sydney