A Brain-Fit Life

By on November 1, 2015
Brain fit for Life

By Norine Rae –

Just this past month a close friend of mine told me she was concerned for her mom who had hit her head a number of times. They were just simple accidents like bumping her head on a cabinet door that she had left open. My friend loves her mother greatly and was concerned, but unfortunately lives a long distance from her and the reoccurring incidents created concern.

As a proactive person, my friend was determined to find help for her mom to determine if there was anything more serious going on. She decided to seek out professional care, so she was thrilled to find Dr. Amen’s clinics and to discover that there was one located in Casa Masa, California close to her mom.

After reviewing several of Dr. Amen’s YouTube videos she called to see if she could set up an appointment. The appointment consisted of three days of evaluations that included brain scans, in-depth history, and cognitive testing. Because I was free at the time, I offered to accompany her mom to her appointments. This turned out to be a wonderful experience as the personnel were professional, kind, and adapt in working with multi-generational as well as multi faceted brain issues.

We arrived early to complete the paperwork and surprisingly were greeted while riding up the elevator. The staff was amazing and the comfortable waiting room was inviting offering alternative rooms for adults and children as they provided both a playroom for youth and study area for adults. On the tables sat a number of flyers: Brain Fit Life, which stated, “CHANGE YOUR BRAIN – CHANGE YOUR LIFE.” I was quick to pick one up and read it knowing that this is an issue for many people today.

As I watched several children come in with their loving parents, I thought of my own son who struggled all of his life with Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHA). I lost my son this past summer to a drug overdose, and I couldn’t help but think that if I had known of these facilities and the effective strategies they use to assist patients, I wondered if my son might be alive today. 

I called my son’s father that night to share my thoughts, and as I cried once again over our loss, I knew I had to write this article to tell people there are new effective measures individuals and families can use to help their loved ones, empowering them to live healthy lives.

The flyer also states, “When your brain works right – you work right. Our brains are so important for healthy productive living. We owe it to ourselves to do the research, like my friend did, to help her mom. After our three-day visit, my friend’s mom came out feeling confident as she was given a comprehensive personalized evaluation and plan. Armed with the assurance she was not battling Alzheimer’s or grave memory loss now she felt equipped as she was given appropriate supplements and much needed tools to help keep her brain healthy.

If you know anyone who struggles with brain issues make sure to check out www.mybrainfitlife.com as it just might be the best resource available today to help you, a friend, or family member. The benefits of their program include: Strengthening memory and mood, boosting energy and mental health, improving relationships, weight-management, reducing risk of Alzheimer’s, supplements, and relieving anxiety and stress. Even as I list these benefits, I personally can think of several people who can benefit from learning healthy habits thus living a ‘Brain Fit Life.’

Norine is a lifelong learner, international speaker, minister, writer, mother, and friend. You can find her at: NorineRae.com.


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A Brain-Fit Life