8 Ways to Eliminate Toxins from Your Body

By on April 5, 2015
8 ways to eliminate toxins from your body

By Chris Skeete –

Detoxification is all about cleaning the body from the inside out. Removing toxins from your body followed by pumping of healthy nutrients through eating healthy food into our bodies will not only keep you healthy but also disease-free. It’s advisable to detoxify at least once a year except for individuals with chronic diseases, children and nursing mothers. Below are 8 ways to help you eliminate toxins from your body, but before you start your detoxification 2 things have to be done first.

Step 1: Reduce the intake of substances that add to your toxic load. Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes and refined sugars. Any food or drink that is not aimed towards improving your health should not be used. Reduce your stress levels. Large amounts of Stress hormones in your system may have the effect of slowing down the liver’s detoxification enzymes acting as a hindrance to detoxification.

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Step 2: Choose a detoxification plan. This depends on the persons schedule and individual needs. Many programs go for 7 days and are largely effective in detoxification. The seven day plan as explained by Peter Bennet in his book 7-Day detox miracle involves fasting on liquids for the first 2 days followed by a 5 day detox diet to allow resting of the digestive system. Among the detox diets include:

  • Smoothie cleanse
  • Sugar detox
  • Simple fruit and veggie detox
  • Juice cleanse

After detoxification, most people return to their previous unhealthy life. This returns the level of toxins in your body to higher levels. Change of lifestyle is important to have a healthy toxin-free body. Below are 8 ways and practices you can adapt to your lifestyle for long lasting detoxification.

1. Eating organic food as often as possible. Making good choices in your groceries will go a long way to maintaining a toxin-free body. Read labels when buying foods to help you make healthy choices about what to eat and what not to.

2. A massage works wonders. A focused and more intense massage works a long way to helping you get rid of toxins. When you apply pressure on points where toxins build up, you give them a chance to release the toxins. For the massage to work better, drinking a lot of water is recommended to flush out the toxins.

3. Drink water. Always take an extra glass every couple of hours. It’s a simple yet very effective method of flushing toxins from your body. Make water your favorite drink and enjoy the feeling of freshness every time due to the lower toxin amount in your body.

4. Green tea offers a replacement for the daily cups of coffee we take in the morning. Not only does green tea offer important antioxidants that we need but also offers a slight caffeine boost- enough to get you started in the morning.

5. Try replacing one of your daily meals with a smoothie. Make it a habit as a smoothie kick starts your metabolism and takes the digestive system to overdrive. Opt for one made using a recipe of natural ingredients to keep your digestive system working better. Smoothies are also known to aid in weight loss.

6. Get into fitness routine. A Fitness routine is key to a healthy lifestyle. Exercising helps us shed off extra pounds and sweat out build-up toxins from our bodies. Regular exercise also helps in digestion and blood circulation. Being in a gym does not only make you release your best hormones, the sweating will rid you of toxic substances.

7. Eating fiber is mostly associated with weight loss. Fiber in its natural form is an essential way of cleansing your body. Fiber gets the digestive tract to work better thereby releasing substances the tract has held onto after digestion. A good serving of fiber will always leave you feeling better. Fresh fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains are good sources of fiber.

8. Getting a good amount of sleep is important. Sleep deprivation leads to making of unhealthy choices. This often leads to weight gain and more toxins in your body. Sleeping helps your body regain energy spent. It’s important to know that there are no substitutes for a good night’s worth of sleep.


Chris Skeete is a trained physical therapist and strong believer in the minimalist approach for the prevention of most overuse pathologies. He also runs a personal training software company.

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8 Ways to Eliminate Toxins from Your Body