7 Tips for a Successful Grand Opening

By on May 16, 2016
7 Tips for a Successful Grand Opening

By Carol Trehearn−

So you’ve saved up your hard earned money, you’re getting ready to launch a local business and you’ve decided that holding a grand opening would be a good way to attract a large crowd on day one. You’ve dreamed about the day repeatedly in your mind, imagining what it might be like to have your storefront or restaurant packed with guests. On the flip side, you’ve also been apprehensive about the dreaded possibility of having only a few people show up. Fortunately, the likelihood of your grand opening’s success will not depend on luck but on how well you plan and follow through. With that said, let’s look at seven tips you can use to have a better grand opening:

1. Pick a Date and Time Strategically

First, consider the type of demographics you’ll be expecting to show up, and choose a date and time that would make it easy for everyone to be there. For example, many businesses choose Saturday afternoon since most people will be out of work or out of school at that time. There are also some places that hold two grand openings back to back – one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Overall, it will depend on your projected customer base, but weekends usually work best.

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2. Advertise Everywhere for Months in Advance

Building awareness of the grand opening through widespread promotion will ensure that you have a maximum turnout. Network with local businesses, post flyers, engage in social media, and use conventional advertising methods like TV, radio, and classified ads to start getting the word out about your grand opening at least 2 months in advance.

3. Offer a Massive Discount and/or Something Free

Let’s face it, people love discounts and free stuff. If you commit to selling at 50% off, or offer a prize drawing that will give guests the chance to win a valuable item, you’ll undoubtedly see a higher number of people showing up as soon as the doors open.

4. Be Ready to Accommodate the Crowd

The worst feeling is watching as your business welcomes hundreds of guests only to then watch them leave because they weren’t satisfied. If you’re goal is to pack the place with people, be sure you’ll be able to keep them satisfied once they arrive. Have drinks and refreshments ready, arrange lines and seating appropriately, and make sure you have enough employees to carry the load.

5. Host Live Music and Other Festivities

Fun additions like live music, games, contests, carnival rides, and other attractions can bring people in at the last moment and are a great way to create positive memories. If people remember your business as a place of fun, they’ll be twice as likely to want to return.

6. Give Your Employees Name Badges

Make it easier for everyone to communicate when the place gets packed by giving employees name badges. The last thing you want is a customer yelling “Hey, you” and failing to get the attention of a busy employee. Stylish custom nametags also look better than the cheap nametag alternatives.

7. Give Customers an Incentive to Come Back

Finally, what’s the point of having a great grand opening if most of those people will never return? Give people a reason to come back by offering future discounts to the people who showed up to your grand opening.

Remember to Have Fun and Be Nice

In closing, try to remember that attitude and approach is just as important as substance when it comes to dealing with people. You’re not only going to be selling your business and its products/services, but also the personality of yourself and your team. Thus, stay kind and keep the environment fun to give the best first impression possible.

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7 Tips for a Successful Grand Opening