7 Habits to Prevent Back Pain

By on July 20, 2016
7 Habits to Prevent Back Pain

Determining the cause behind your back pain may be a complicated process. But preventing the pain from occurring in the first place may be simple. Adopting just a few every day habits can help you relieve pressure, protect your spine, lessen the strain and strengthen your muscles. The following are 7 habits that can prove beneficial.

Incorporate a Pillow

Eating the rights foods is important to your overall health. Getting a good night’s rest is just as critical to your wellness. But if sleeping in one position at night makes your back stiff and ache, you may not be getting your required rest. Before you go to bed at night, slightly elevate your legs to relieve tension on the back. You can also place a pillow underneath your knees at night.

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Strengthen Your Core

There are a number of health benefits associated with exercise. Implementing a daily workout routine that focuses on strengthening the core may help reduce back related injuries such as muscle spasms and strains. When you’re making your plan for your exercise regimen, concentrate on doing abdominal and back movements at least twice per week. Core exercises such as planks are especially helpful. If you have extreme back pain, medical experts may require an MRI to get to the root of the problem. But if you’re claustrophobic, the thought of this simple test may make you anxious. Viable Med is an open MRI service provider that is extremely sensitive to detecting the presence of lumbar disc herniation, spinal tumors and pinched nerves. Because it’s open, patients have access to the required test without feelings of panic or distress.

Boost Your Vitamin D and Calcium Intake

The primary cause of back pain as you grow older is osteoporosis. But keeping your bones strong and healthy can aid in its prevention. You can strengthen your body by taking in the recommended amounts of vitamin D and calcium. Natural methods include eating leafy green veggies, milk, cottage cheese and yogurt. Although vitamin supplements can help, you want to consult with your physician first.

Consider a Change of Shoes

Pumps, high heels and platform wedges may appear stylish, but they can be a pain in your back. If you’re looking to reduce strain and back pain, opt for low heels that are comfortable. If you wear gym shoes, you want to change them every few months as the support of the heel can wear down with extended use.

Practice Good Posture

Posture is more than just looks. Straightening up no matter if you’re sitting or standing protects your spine and allows it to function properly. Bad posture places additional strain on the back. Slouching can also change your body’s appearance. You can also practice good posture when working at your desk. A good quality chair can keep you from slumping over your computer keyboard.

Get Up and Move

Sitting or standing for long periods of time can make your back stiff and sore. Whether you’re in a meeting, sitting in front of the T.V. or mingling at a party, get up and move around every little while. Simple stretches can also make your body more limber and flexible.

Proper Lifting

Back pain is commonly caused by improperly lifting objects. Whether you’re moving a couch, lifting weights or bringing in groceries to your household, you can prevent back pain and injuries by distributing the heavy load to each side of the body. A cart can also help you move heavier items around the house.

Sitting, lying down or standing are all necessary daily movements. But they are not always healthy for your back. You can do your part to prevent back pain and injuries by adopting the above helpful habits.


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7 Habits to Prevent Back Pain