7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Physical Activity into Your Life

By on March 10, 2018

By Zyana Morris—

With a relatively ‘tech-friendly’ life, it is hard to move around, and our ‘tight’ work and home schedules only make things more challenging. Surprisingly adult obesity prevalence in the world reached 30% in 2016. Similarly, there is a marked increase in the number of people suffering from stress and chronic medical stress.

The good news is that there are practical ways that save you the trouble of skipping work to join a gym. How do you add physical activity to your busy routine? Continue reading to find out more. 

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Take the stairs:

You have to exercise to stay fit, but this doesn’t mean you have to perform at least hundred pushups until you exhaust yourself. 

Exercising means that you have to be a little more physical than you usually are, and fortunately, this you can do in many other creative ways like taking the stairs to your high rise apartment or office instead of jumping into the elevator. 

As frustrating as it sounds, choosing stairs over elevators can do you some great favors. If you spend most of your time seated, then this is just the activity you need to incorporate to get your muscles working. Remember – sitting is the new smoking and is disastrous for your health. 

Walk your errands:

Is your child’s school some blocks away? Or is your workplace at a walking distance? Or even better do you have a grocery store nearby your house? Because these are just the excuses, you will need to help yourself from kick-starting some physical work in your static life. 

Stop worrying about taking a 20 miles jog, and instead perform the errands you usually never would have thought of doing yourself which also means that it’s high time to quit depending on your child’s van driver or the delivery man delivering all the groceries to your door. Of course, these are not the only activities you perform in a day. There are lots of other daily chores that can help you burn extra calories. 

Drink more water:

Drinking a lot of water will not only make you feel distended more often and give you an excuse for walking all the way down to your bathroom. 

As incredulous as it sounds drinking a lot of water does have a massive effect on your body as it not only makes you walk to your bathroom more often especially when you are not entirely a walker, but it also reduces hunger pangs ultimately saving you from the unnecessary snacks you consume in a day.

Clean up work out:

For those of you who feel utterly handicapped at home without a treadmill or any other gymnastic appliance let me just burst the bubble for you as staying at home with absolutely nothing to do has had its perks. All you’ve got to do is pick up a broom and a mop and clean up your house every day. This could ideally make your body routine itself into a daily workout zone.

Hit the mall:

Get rid of all your delivering apps and hit the mall yourself. The roaming around the various floors of a shopping mall is not only undoubtedly a fun activity, but it will also help your body to become more active over time.

Flex and stretch while standing:

Whether it is standing in a long queue or standing in the midst of a crowded station waiting for a bus, you can always get your body in the exercising mode by stretching and flexing yourself. 

Take a park walk:

Whether it is to take your dog for its daily walk or taking your kids for their regular fun time at the park, you can too gain much by taking a long step in the nature-friendly environment of the park.  

Like any other lifestyle change, consult your GP before indulging in any strenuous physical activity. The good thing is that most practitioners now have incorporated telemedicine into their practice and you can reach out to them using your laptop and smartphone. Remember, it’s never too late to take charge of your health. 

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7 Easy Ways to Incorporate Physical Activity into Your Life