6 Minimal Kitchen Designs You’ll Absolutely Love

By on December 29, 2021
minimal kitchen

Whether you’re someone who loves to cook or someone who just looks at it as a daily chore, a disorganized kitchen can cause serious hassles. This is why it’s important to make the most of your kitchen space and organize it in a way to makes cooking easy and hassle-free. Minimal kitchen designs offer the ideal solution for this by providing a designated spot for everything and avoiding clutter. 

Minimal kitchen designs are perfect for creating a tranquil environment in your kitchen and giving you the perfect space to unwind, be it while preparing a meal, catching up with a friend over a glass of wine, or just spending some me-time while sipping some freshly brewed coffee. 

Here are five swoon-worthy minimal modern kitchen designs that will inspire you to give a fresh new makeover to your kitchen. 

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Say Hello to a Clean Vibe

If you enjoy the clean and crisp vibes, this minimal contemporary kitchen is sure to get you falling heads over heels. Clean open shelves, muted colors, and symmetrical designs, every element of this HDB kitchen design scream modern minimalism. The high breakfast table and the statement stools are a real head-turner. Complete with task lights and pendant lamps, this kitchen has got everything you need in your favorite spot of the house. 

An Off-Beat Colour Palette  

Do you love the minimal aesthetic but have had enough of those mundane pale neutrals? Then this eccentric yet classy kitchen design is perfect for you. Notice the statement hanging lights and the eye-catchy sanitary fittings. Featuring a family of cool-tone greys, the balance of textures and colors in this kitchen is spot on. Spend a cozy afternoon with your significant other and enjoy a family brunch, it’ll make for the perfect setting for many occasions. 

Go Duo-Chromatic 

Modern minimal kitchen designs are all about striking a balance. This simple yet unique kitchen features a vivid contrast of grey and whites. This contrast gives the kitchen an incredibly interesting and eye-catchy look. And see that tiny palm? Perfect for a pop of positivity. 

White and Bright 

Pendant lights seem to be a standing theme across all minimal kitchen designs. But what’s unique about this kitchen is that it features an interesting layout and places the breakfast table on one side while leaving ample floor space. In addition, the teakwood flooring and the large open window give this kitchen a delightful natural vibe. 

Welcome Warm Hues

Wooden tones are known for bringing warmth and coziness to a space. This kitchen design features the perfect mix of warm wooden hues and clean, cool whites. The vivid pops of green bring life to this color palette. Clear glass cabinets and open shelves complete the look of this kitchen and bring a bright, youthful look to the minimal design. 

Pops of Flora 

Think minimal designs can’t look inviting? This kitchen is here to prove you wrong. With delightful pops of flora in every corner of the space, this kitchen makes for the perfect setting for spending pleasant summer afternoons. The clean design and straightforward aesthetic of every element of this kitchen leave it looking like nothing less than a minimal paradise. 

So, these were some of our favorite minimal kitchen designs. If these kitchens have inspired you to give a fresh makeover to your own, get in touch with professional interior design firms like Livspace. Livspace is one of the most reputed interior design companies in the country that offers end-to-end interior design services, transforming your interior design dreams into reality. 

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6 Minimal Kitchen Designs You’ll Absolutely Love