How to Enhance Kidney and Liver Function

By on November 18, 2019

As a woman over 50, are you, planning to cleanse your liver and kidney through DIY means? Or, have you decided to take professional help from your preferred health care to keep your kidney in top-notch condition? Regardless of the method of kidney treatment chosen by you, it’s important to hydrate yourself and pay attention to your diet. You may want to eat the right food, invest in health supplements and teas, balance electrolytes, and get rid of the extra waste to ensure good health. Here, we take you through a quick rundown on kidney health and why you should adopt the right tips for kidney care at the earliest.

Overview of Your Kidneys

At the very onset, you may want to know about the positioning and functions of your kidneys. These small, bean-shaped organs can be found on each side of the spinal cord, just below your ribs. The kidneys play a vital and responsible role in creating hormones, make sure that you have the right electrolyte balance, and keep ejecting any excessive intake of water. If you wish to continue having healthy kidneys then you need to lay focus on adequate water intake and a well-rounded diet. That’s not asking for much, right?

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Alongside, there are specific herbs, food items, and health supplements that can be included in your daily diet to provide support for your kidneys. Be it through an extra cup of green or herbal tea, or your morning glasses of water, there are some simple ways of keeping your kidneys strong and healthy. 

  1. Hydration is important!

The human body comprises 60 percent water. If this figure has surprised you then know that all the organs in your body need water for their proper functioning. Your liver, brain, stomach, skin, and all other body parts need the right levels of hydration to keep functioning normally. This is specifically true in context to your kidneys. The kidneys are the most important part of the filtration and excretion systems of your body. The right measures of water intake will facilitate the proper formation and release of urine and other body toxins. Any deficit in your overall water intake will stop your body from getting rid of the unwanted and toxic substances formed within the body. Low water consumption will lead to a low quantum of urine. This, in turn, will pave the way for kidney malfunction, kidney stones, and a spate of other health conditions. 

Therefore, to keep health issues at bay, it’s important to remain hydrated by drinking the recommended quantity of water every day. A minimum intake of eight glasses of water is recommended by health experts for the cause of proper hydration. In other words, you may want to consume a minimum fluid intake of 3.7 liters (for men) or 2.7 liters (for women) to keep your kidneys in good order. 

  1. Eat the right food

The health of your kidney can be further supported by freezing upon the right food plan. For instance, the ‘good’ food for keeping your kidneys working well include peanuts, berries, grapes, as well as certain herbs containing resveratrol. This beneficial compound is found in certain plants and has been tested on rats in a series of lab tests. It has been found that resveratrol has a positive effect on curbing lower kidney inflammation present in rats suffering from polycystic kidney disease. 

You may want to know the right food to maintain the health of your kidney. Red grapes, maybe just a handful, can be consumed as an afternoon snack. They may be had in the fresh or frozen form and give off an interesting taste. As mentioned in this article, there are different types of herbs and plant-based supplements that can be incorporated into your diet to bring about the desired degree of kidney health. Sweetened, dried cranberries have important bladder health benefits and help cure urinary tract infections. Add dried cranberries to salads, oatmeal, or trail mix to add to their taste.

Lemon, melon, and orange juices comprise citric acid and have adequate quantities of citrate to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Citrate binds up with the calcium present in urine to prevent the formation of calcium crystals that leads to kidney stones. The other beneficial food for sound kidney health includes calcium-rich foods like soy /almond milk, fortified cereals, and tofu. 

  1. Different types of tea for kidney-cleansing

Stinging nettle, a perennial plant, possesses plentiful benefits. It has been around as traditional herbal medicine for centuries. It contains beneficial compounds that are useful for the alleviation of inflammation. Extremely high in antioxidants, stinging nettle tea helps protect vital organs and the body from oxidative stress. Another good tea to have for promoting the health of your liver and kidney is hydrangea tea. This gorgeous flowering shrub offers lavender, blue, pink, and white flowers with special ingredients to protect your kidney from damages. Sambong, a tropical climate shrub, can be consumed as an extract to reduce the size of calcium oxalate crystals. This, in turn, has the potential of preventing the occurrence of kidney stones. 

  1. Supportive nutrients

Vitamin B-6, which plays an important role in several metabolic reactions, is necessary for breaking down glyoxylate. Glyoxylate can transform into glycine in the case of B-6 deficiency. According to health experts and nutritionists, supplements containing B-complex vitamins can provide a minimum of 50 milligrams of B-6. Additionally, therapy containing potassium citrate can lead to a potential reduction in the levels of kidney stone formation. Potassium supplements are best taken under medical supervision and help in maintaining the pH and electrolyte balance in urine. 

Way Forward

In general, proper intake of herbal teas, supplements, and beneficial food help support the health of your kidneys. You may want to go through quick kidney cleanse processes by incorporating the guidelines given above. It’s always good to reach out to health care practitioners to understand the importance of managing and keeping your kidneys in the best possible condition.


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How to Enhance Kidney and Liver Function