6 of the Best Destinations to Retire Abroad

By on June 8, 2020
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When it comes time to retire, many of us wish that we could whisk away to another part of the world and retire abroad. The fact is, it is possible, and many incredible and affordable destinations are perfect for retirees. In this article, we’ll take a look at 6 of the best destinations, and explain why they are so popular. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading!


Panama sits between Columbia and Costa Rica in Central America. It is one of the most popular destinations to retire and sits at the top of many lists. Full of tropical beaches and endless sunshine, it’s no wonder that thousands of individuals flock here every year. Many say that it’s a destination in which you feel welcome. You aren’t considered tourists, but one of the locals enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds the beautiful country has to offer. 

Not only does it contain modern facilities, but it happens to have lower-priced healthcare, insurance, entertainment, and transportation, making it a great place to save money. Many of the locals speak English and are always happy to help with any troubles that you have. You can even choose between many living styles, opting for a quaint beach house, or luxury home in the mountains, the choice is yours!

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Full of incredible street food and gorgeous beaches, Malaysia is a dream location for those looking to unwind and relax during their retirement. Most individuals speak English, making it easy to get around. You also have the option to choose between larger cities and smaller towns, making it one of the most diverse places. 

It might seem too good to be true, but the prices of housing in Malaysia are incredible, with some luxury houses costing only $900 a month. Modern luxuries such as massages, cleaners, and beauticians cost a fraction of the price than western civilizations, so you can spend every day in ultimate relaxation.


If you’re looking for a beautiful country full of great food and wine to retire abroad, then France is undoubtedly the place for you. With incredible cheeses, beer, spirits, and wine, you can enjoy something new every day of the year, without making a dent in your savings. The real estate is also incredibly cheap, with some places offering luxury houses that would cost triple the price back home. 

One of the main reasons why France is such a popular retirement destination is because it has the best healthcare system in the world. Prescription medicines are cheap, hospital visits are fantastic, and medication is free if you develop any long-term illnesses. With a little bit of research, you’ll be signing up for a Visa immediately.


Spain’s geography makes it a wonderfully diverse location, making it desirable for those that love exploring new sites. The cost of living is reasonable, and if you live near the coast, you can find cheap fresh seafood. While owning a car can be expensive, the cost of transport is affordable and can take you all over the country. 

Crime rates in Spain are at an all-time low, making it one of the safest places to live in the world. If you like to party, enjoy good food and drinks, this would be the perfect destination. While it is more expensive than other countries, its diverse landscape makes it a popular location.

Costa Rica 

Whether you like bustling cities, warm beaches, or lush mountainsides, Costa Rica has it all. While it isn’t as affordable as other options, it has one of the highest standards of living and has all the modern appliances that you need to make your life comfortable. However, the cost of your retirement will depend on your lifestyle. If you eat out every night, you’ll obviously be spending more money. 


Similar to Malaysia, Thailand is another affordable, relaxing destination to retire abroad. Not only do you have access to incredible beaches and bustling markets, but the cost of living is a fraction of the price of western societies. This means couples can retire earlier than planned and spend more time exploring the world. 

Health insurance is affordable, and there is almost no waiting time at any hospital’s or doctors’ offices. Meaning you can get right back to having fun, without wasting any of your time. Thailand is truly a paradise, with great food and people.

While it may be scary and daunting at first, packing up and moving across the seas, you’ll be soaking up the sunshine and enjoying your new life in no time! Remember, now it’s time for you to enjoy the world and experience all it has to offer. Swim in the ocean, golf every weekend and enjoy brunches with friends. The world is your oyster! Good luck, and most importantly, have fun!

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6 of the Best Destinations to Retire Abroad