5 Ways Women Over 50 Can Stay Trim with Inflation

By on June 28, 2022
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While millions of people are returning to the office after 2 years of working remotely, they are finding everything from coffee to food (and even commuting), more expensive. A phenomenon many have dubbed “lunchflation” has increased lunch prices. Higher costs for women over 50 put a strain on healthy food habits, productivity, as well as your physical and mental well-being.
Eating a healthy, balanced meal and getting all your nutrients in a workday can not only prevent burnout and weight gain but also boosts your energy for the day. Nutrition science expert, Dr. Michael Hartman, Ph.D., includes the following tips to get the most out of your meals and help stay on track:

Don’t reach for fast foods

This may seem like the obvious answer, but many people reach for fast food because it is a quick, easy, and inexpensive option.

Brown bag lunch

When bringing lunch from home, make sure to include protein, veggies, and low glycemic foods such as quinoa and sweet potatoes, to avoid a 3 pm sugar crash.

Choose a high-fiber snack

Think of oatmeal, berries, and nuts (almonds) – all of which are good for heart and gut health, and will keep you full longer.

Bring your own beverages

Make a limeade at home using stevia, and (fun fact: licorice root can be used as a sweetener for a no-calorie and low sugar option). You can also bring a protein beverage to the office. We love electrolyte powder drinks because it’s high in fiber and protein, and packed with 23 bioavailable vitamins and minerals.

Snack smart

Nourish on the go with small amounts of dark chocolate that are heart-healthy and can fit seamlessly into your routine to help boost endorphins and reduce stress. 

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5 Ways Women Over 50 Can Stay Trim with Inflation