5 Treatments for Chronic Pain

By on November 13, 2019
Chronic Pain

Pain is a natural part of life. Sure, it’s not an enjoyable bit, but it’s a necessary function in women over 50 bodies to alert of us of possible injuries. While the pain of an injury typically goes away once it’s is healed, there are some cases of chronic pain where the body keeps informing the brain of pain in the healed area. This can last for weeks up to years and can make it challenging to endure daily tasks. Fortunately, there are options for chronic pain treatments




Yoga is a strengthening exercise that focuses on the tying of mental and physical fitness. With chronic pain, it can be difficult to exercise in traditional ways of running or weightlifting, but yoga helps keep the body fit. For those with chronic pain, yoga helps them increase mobility and meditate to relieve stress. 

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Tai Chi

Similar to yoga, tai chi combines physical and mental health to improve the balance, coordination, strength, and stamina of all those who practice it. For those with chronic pain, it is said to help improve sleep and ward off symptoms of depression


Pet Therapy

It’s no wonder that some hospitals utilize animals to visit patientsit makes patients happier. Studies have shown that animal-assisted therapy eases pain by reducing stress hormones, raising endorphin levels, and improving the patient’s mood. Animals can help with chronic pain by limiting the amount of pain that comes from stress or anxiety. 

Art Therapy

Chronic pain can cause many patients to feel depressed because they lose a sense of control over their bodies. To counteract depression, therapists have begun using art as a tool for patients to control what they create. Art therapy sessions are more than simple art classes, they utilize an art therapist to guide patients through the creative process while relating it to their pain. This can help people visualize what their pain looks like and give them an outlet to discuss their true feelings. 



When people first experience pain, it is natural to feel sleepless. However, if this cycle continues, it can be harder to heal properly. Health and sleep are directly related, so those experiencing chronic pain and difficulty sleeping may need to limit their caffeine and alcohol consumption, talk to their doctor about sleeping pills, and practice relaxation techniques to restore their rest patterns. 


Your diet can make or break your immune system. It is important to avoid inflammatory foods and eat foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants like berries, green vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Mixing up your diet can help you rotate which nutrients you are getting and can also be an excuse to try new foods. 



Letting your family know about your chronic pain helps inform them that you might need help. It can be difficult to ask for help and it often causes people to feel like they are a burden, but without the help of other people, it can be easy to feel more depressed. Even if you don’t want to accept help from your family, you should still allow them to socialize with you and love you. This will aid in distracting you from your pain. 


Like your family, allow your friends to help you when you are experiencing chronic pain. Your friends should encourage you to do things with them and to keep participating in the hobbies you have together. Hobbies and socializing will help you feel more in control of your body and life. 


Pain Relievers

Whether it is an over-the-counter drug or a doctor-prescribed medication, medicine can also help relieve some of the symptoms of chronic pain. If a simple pill can make you feel better, you should be taking it. 


Regenerative medicine is a process using either platelet-rich injections or stem-cell injections to speed recovery time and assist in alleviating some of the chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, joint injuries, or tendon injuries. If you haven’t found much success from normal pain relievers, you should consider asking your doctor about regenerative medicine. 

Our pain hurts and it stops us from feeling like ourselves. Chronic pain often leads to depression and a lack of motivation to be healthy. Knowing how you can treat your pain can help you find hope and a sense of control as you try therapy, exercise, self-care, and medicine options with the assistance of your support system. 


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5 Treatments for Chronic Pain