5 Tips for Retirees Raising Their Grandkids

By on May 21, 2021

Once you’ve reached a certain age, raising grandkids might not seem like the ideal choice. Changing diapers, dealing with meltdowns, and attending back-to-school nights might seem like something you would’ve preferred to do in your 20s, 30s, and 40s. However, being around young children will help you maintain your vitality and provide a greater sense of meaning to live for. It can also be an excellent way to improve your parenting skills, learn new things and gain fun experiences. As you traverse through the process of raising your grandchildren, consider the following tips.

  1. Include Quiet Time/Naptime

If your grandchildren are in the infant to toddler years, they need scheduled nap times. This is important for their development. Plus, it gives you a break to collect yourself or rest. If your grandchildren are older and don’t like to nap, create a mandatory quiet hour. They can quietly watch television, read a book, or work on another project during this time. Even if it’s just for an hour, this time can give you a chance to hear yourself think, get some work done, or relax before beginning the second half of the day.

  1. Monitor Sugar Intake

Consider food as fuel. Do your best to create household menus that aren’t filled with artificial sugars. Instead, provide natural options such as fresh fruit. It’s okay to provide desserts after dinner. Just be mindful of doing it in moderation. Avoid copious amounts of sugar-filled cereals that can send you and your grandchildren into a different stratosphere of energy. Sugary foods can also raise your blood sugar levels, leading to diabetes and other serious medical conditions. You need to be able to keep up with them. If they’re consuming tons of artificial sugar, it’ll be hard for you to keep up. Plus, it’s terrible for you and your grandchildren to consistently consume large quantities of sugar.

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  1. Prioritize Self-Care

As a grandparent, you won’t have nearly as much energy as your grandchild. While this is understandable, you don’t want to use this as an excuse to let the iPad babysit them. Begin to take energy-boosting supplements. Develop a healthy diet. Sit with a dietician to cultivate an ideal diet to support you in your efforts to keep up. Follow by exercising at least three times a week. Look for local gyms with childcare services. You can bring your little one as you take care of your own needs. A significant part of self-care also includes rest. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule to ensure your alertness and vitality throughout the day.

  1. Create a Consistent Schedule

In addition to a consistent sleep schedule, it’s also good to maintain a consistent daily schedule. If your grandkids aren’t school-aged yet, plan short yet fun activities that can fill their day. Instill activities such as storytime, arts and crafts, as well as playtime. If their mornings are filled with lots of activities, insert naptime after lunch. You can allow them to do more mellow activities such as reading, puzzles, and water play with toys in the bathtub in the afternoon.

  1. Connect with Your Community

If you have family members and friends who you trust, don’t be afraid to ask them to babysit for two or three hours once a week. This will give you a chance to take care of errands, prioritize your self-care or connect with other adults. You can also connect with your community by taking advantage of services and programs within your community. Sign your little one up for swim classes at the local community center. If your local library hosts a story hour once a week, pack up everything and go. These simple field trips will encourage you and your grandchild to get out, connect with others and live life.

It’s not uncommon to see grandparents raise their grandchildren. Do your best to look at this time as an opportunity to regain a bit of your youthful vigor, pour into the lives of the next generation and see life through their eyes. Your life isn’t on hold as you raise your grandkids. Your life has a new sense of purpose and meaning that you and your grandchildren will never forget.

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5 Tips for Retirees Raising Their Grandkids