5 Tips For Keeping Your Smile Fresh Throughout The Day

By on February 15, 2019

Do you find yourself suffering from bad breath during your workday? There are few things more embarrassing than going to talk to a coworker only to realize that there is a toxic smell coming from your mouth. If you find yourself in this situation, then here are a few tips to help keep your mouth fresh throughout the day.

What Are You Drinking

If you enjoy a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning or a little alcohol as you relax in the evening just be aware that these drinks can give you some nasty breath. According to Colgate, “both contain a potent residue that sticks to existing mouth plaque that spreads a foul scent.”

Consider replacing most of your sugary drinks with water. This will keep you hydrated which in turn will help your salivary glands to work at optimum speed. Your salivary glands help to keep your tongue and teeth free of food during the day.

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Think Before You Eat

Good – There are some great snacks for helping your smile stay fresh. Apples, carrots, and celery work as a natural toothbrush, in a way. They help to scrape off bad germs that may be lingering in your mouth after eating. If you aren’t sure what snack to pack for work, give those a thought.

Bad – You probably already know most of the don’ts, but try and avoid things like garlic, onions, and seafood if you’re trying to have good breath. Another culprit of bad breath is foods with high fructose in them. These would be almost anything you can get from the vending machine.

Tongue Time

One crucial part of oral health that many people leave out, mostly because they don’t think about it, is brushing your tongue. If you have issues with your breath smelling awful try giving that tongue a good scrub and see if that makes a difference.

Many toothbrushes come equipped with little bumps on the back side of the brush to aid in thoroughly cleaning the tongue. If you weren’t aware of their purpose before, you’re welcome. This may just save you from your bad breath.

Travel Kit

If you really feel like your mouth needs some extra freshening up through the day then pack yourself a little tooth-friendly travel kit. You can keep a toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, and even some mouthwash in there if you’d like.

That way you are always prepared for when that annoying piece of food gets stuck in your teeth or you decide to eat a pesto chicken sandwich for lunch. You just never know what mouth emergencies may arise.

Good Oral Health

Start and end each day with good oral health. Make sure you are thoroughly brushing your teeth every morning and evening. Don’t eat anything in the evening after brushing your teeth. A quick snack at night after you’ve taken care of your teeth will leave bits of food in your mouth the entire night while you sleep.  

Floss your teeth once a day to help clear out any bits of food that might have gotten lodged in between your teeth. This is will eliminate bad breath and avoid cavities. For an extra fresh smile make sure you go to your biannual dentist appointment to have your teeth deep cleaned.

We hope you’re able to find some relief from your bad breath. If, however, your breath smells even minutes after you brush your teeth than you might want to speak with your dentist. Sometimes, there is something more sinister behind your breath than the smell.


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5 Tips For Keeping Your Smile Fresh Throughout The Day