5 Tips for Translating Spring Runway Fashion into Your Closet

By on February 3, 2014

By Heidi Menez –

Even though it may feel nothing like spring in most parts of the country, the looks for 2014 are making their way to a store near you. Time to get prepared with a little spring fashion 101. Designers wowed us on the spring runways, but even the most experienced fashionista is challenged by taking an outfit from the runway to the street. Remember that runway looks are meant to shock and catch the eye. Make high-fashion wearable by going smaller scale or take an aspect of what you saw on the runway and add bits and pieces to your closet. Using runway looks as inspiration, here are wearable fashion ideas that are trending now.

Collars, Collars and More White Collars!

Whether they were worn as a shirt dress or paired with a skirt or pants, white collars covered the spring runways. As easy as it sounds, get the style with a crisp, button-up white collar shirt for your spring wardrobe. Remember, fit is everything so not too tight, but not baggy. Models rocked form-fitting, tailored fits that looked classic and made them appear cool, with swooping necklines and some with a few buttons undone for a breezy casual look.

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Textured Fabrics

From sequins to beading, the runways were infused with sequins and beading. A more difficult trend to pull off especially during warmer months, but you can get the style with a fitted tee that has a textured pocket or texture on the sleeves. By just adding little bit of sparkle, you’ll achieve this look without going over the top.

sequin fabric

Photo by Barbro Andersen via Flickr

Floral Patterns

True to spring, florals are in. Get the wearable, blooming look without feeling like you are covered in a garden by choosing a casual sundress that has a subtle floral pattern or a larger floral pattern on a skirt, pants or shoes. If you’re not into the oh-so-girly look, models also wore prints on the runway that looked more damask than floral. Try the look on a pair of skinny capris with a solid top and shoes for a chic feel that will also help get you out of dark winter hues.

floral leggings

Photo by Hanbyul via Flickr


Fringe Benefits

We’ve already seen this trend for a few seasons and, to be honest, it can be a hard one to pull off. Many stores have used this trend on t-shirts for a wearable look. An even easier way to pull off the look is with a fringe necklace. Attached to a chain, pair the necklace with a solid fitted tee and you can go from day to night. Still unsure? For fashion-forward pieces that are also wearable, department stores are the perfect resource. Check out the latest styles at Macy’s.com and other fashion retailers before you go shopping to get a glimpse of different designer’s take on fringe and other style trends.

woman with fringe necklace

Photo by …love Maegan via Flickr

Shine Bright

Much like seasons past, metallics were a hot commodity at all runway shows. From silver to gold to rose gold and other metal-inspired hues, get the look with a big, metallic statement necklace or a gold cuff or large bangles. Transforming the trend into jewelry makes it less va va voom and more wearable, even for daytime.

fashion accessories

Photo by …love Maegan via Flickr


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5 Tips for Translating Spring Runway Fashion into Your Closet