5 Tips for Healthy Skin at Any Age

By on October 29, 2015

By Debra Lewis−

Healthy living equals healthy looking skin. Although it seems that no matter what we do, we all have imperfections. But there are things you can do to improve your skin’s appearance, in some cases – significantly. Taking precautions when you’re younger, and treating your skin and body right as you age are the best ways to make sure you keep your skin healthy at any age. 

1. Protect Your Skin

The best way to have great skin is to protect it from the sun. Consider using both a body lotion and foundation with sunscreen to keep your skin protected. Even if you don’t burn easily, you should ALWAYS wear sunscreen when you are going outside. Sunscreen is especially important when you are at the beach, gardening, exercising, or anywhere your skin will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Always make sure to also wear a hat and sunglasses for further protection.

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The sun can cause irreparable damage to your face and body, causing wrinkles, sun spots, or worse. If you really want a tan, then buy sunless tanner (there are some really great ones on the market today) or use a bronzer to create the healthy glow without the damage.

2. Be Proactive

Whether you’re concerned about acne or wrinkles, you need to be proactive. Even if you are not prone to breakouts, clean your face nightly to make sure dirt and oil don’t get trapped in your pores. Wash your pillow cases regularly to further avoid dirt and bacteria. Avoid touching your face throughout the day as well.

Similarly, just because you don’t have wrinkles now it doesn’t mean you don’t need to worry about them. Beyond wearing sunscreen you should also wear sunglasses when you are outside to avoid squinting. Try to avoid drinking out of a straw, squinting and smoking, which can create fine lines around your mouth. Start moisturizing your skin and consider using an eye cream on the delicate area around your eyes. 

3. Fight the Right Kind of Acne

Acne is a pain no matter why you have it, but treating acne can be tough if you aren’t treating the right kind of acne. Look for treatments that are focused on the causes or suitable for your age. Fortunately, companies now make products designed for adult versus teenage acne. It’s also important to understand whether your acne is environmental or hormonal. Once you understand what is causing your acne you can find the best ways to treat it from companies like Amway, which carry many products for all sorts of skin types and issues. 

4. Know Your Skin Type

Making your skin glow is possible regardless of your skin type, but it is a lot easier if you are using products designed for you. If you live in a humid climate or you have naturally oily skin, then you don’t want to use heavy creams during the day. If you live in a dryer climate, are older, or have naturally dry skin, then you need to spend a little extra TLC with both your day and night creams to give your skin extra moisture.

If you’re still confused about your specific skin type, you may want to consider talking to a dermatologist or an aesthetician who can help you develop the right skin care regimen. Sometimes people use the same products out of habit without even realizing their skin has changed, so talking to a professional could be enlightening about what your skin truly needs.

5. Work From the Inside Out

The best way to have great skin at any age is to be healthy on the inside. Make sure you drink plenty of water and get adequate vitamins and minerals through your diet and supplements. Treat your body right and your skin will reward you with a healthy glow. One of the best ways to look great is to feel great. Eating healthy provides the nourishment you need for great skin. You might also consider certain stress relievers such as yoga or exercise. If you smoke, it’s time to quit. It’s hard, but it’s absolutely worth it. Finally, get enough sleep at night so that your body is able to rest and recuperate. 

You only have one body, and if you treat it right, healthy skin will always reflect a healthy body. 


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5 Tips for Healthy Skin at Any Age