5 Steps to Help You Connect with God

By on November 28, 2016
Connect with God

Many people struggle when it comes to communicating with God. There’s a lot of misinformation about God, and the funny part is, there really shouldn’t be. Of all the major religions, Christianity has some of the clearest and most specific guidelines for successful communication with a deity.

So how do we miss it? We avoid God for years, then send up a quick “Help me!” when the car breaks down on the highway. We blame God for the death of a loved one, then pray He’ll bless our efforts to start that new company we’ve dreamed of. We believe what religious establishments tell us instead of going directly to the source to find out what He has to say about Himself.

In short, we abuse our relationship with God on a regular basis, then wonder why He doesn’t “show up” when we call!

If connecting with God is so important, then there must be a better way!

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Fortunately, there is. Here are 5 steps, based on the Bible, to help you connect with God in a way that works:

  1. Make a quality decision.

Stop wandering around in uncertainty, wondering if it is really possible that you’ve evolved from an orangutan or exploded onto earth with a cosmic bang. Accept that many of the traditions and regulations enforced in religious schools drive people away from spirituality, not towards it. Realize that you are an intelligent human being with an intricate design and that such complexity is the work of a Master Designer: God.

Do things evolve? Yes. But as with all other things, don’t take science (or religion) to the extreme. Fortunately, there is no definitive proof that you were ever an ape. You also have the freedom to connect with God directly, without any priest except the One He provides Jesus.

  1. Believe what God says about Himself.

The Bible has countless proofs to substantiate its claims. History, archaeology, and yes, even science, confirm not only the existence of Jesus but also the validity of nearly every story recorded.

If the Bible is reliable and verifiable, then what God says about Himself – and you – can be trusted. Here are 6 key points God makes:

  • God is a pre-existing, divine Creator who sustains the world and everyone in it.
  • Creation reflects the glory of God in all its beauty and variety.
  • God also made man and woman in his image, which means our creative intelligence is derived from a wise, all-knowing deity who is like us.
  • God is a relational being who loves His creation and desires to have a Father-son (or Father-daughter) relationship with each of us, simply because He made us.
  • Any anger God harbored against mankind has been removed, because Jesus, God’s Son, lived the holy life we could not, satisfying God’s biblical commandments for obedience. Forever.
  • God is not the author of sin, suffering, or pain. The evil things we encounter in this life are the result of a shared mutual enemy: Satan. God is good and acts in consistency with His own moral laws and character which guide and govern the universe. The crop He planted is good. But our enemy has sown weeds that often interfere with our progress.
  1. Believe in what God says about you.

  • You are loved (John 3:16).
  • You are made in His image and therefore have innate value (Genesis 1:26-27).
  • Satan, your mutual enemy, separates you from God (Genesis 3:1).
  • Jesus became the “black sheep” of God’s family, taking the punishment for sin on His own body, so you could live (1 Peter 2:24).
  • You have the ability to hear from God yourself (John 10:27).
  • God wants to hear from you (Psalm 34:15).
  1. Start talking to God.

  • Ask God’s forgiveness for walking away from your relationship with Him, instead of connecting with Him by faith as Father and Creator.
  • Be honest with God. Own up to any wrong behaviors you are aware of and take responsibility for the ways you have violated His “Golden Rule” of loving Him and others.
  • Admit that your unbelief and sinful nature can only be cured by believing that Jesus paid for your shortcomings on the cross. Ask Jesus to cleanse you by the supernatural application of His blood.
  • Thank Him, accepting by faith that salvation, healing, and deliverance come through Christ’s name. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit.
  1. Change what you can and let God change the rest.

Set aside time daily to communicate with God, just like you would in any relationship. Spend part of your time talking to Him (in prayer, thanksgiving, or praise), and part of the time listening to Him. (You listen to God by reading the Bible, your “owner’s manual,” to learn more about who He is and who you are).

If it helps you, take a pen and notebook along when you talk to God. LivingBetter50 publishes a Daily Devotional which you can read daily. Write down, draw, or journal your thoughts about what you are reading and hearing in your heart. Be open to the quiet leading of the Holy Spirit that you might not notice in your busier times.

Ask God to go with you throughout your day. His presence will give you peace! (Exodus 33:14).

Deborah Perkins is the founder of His Inscriptions, a ministry focused on life-giving communication with God. Through her website, inspired teaching and a weekly blog, Deborah offers discipleship to those who want to grow their relationship with God. A ministry leader for over 25 years, Deborah is an experienced counselor, marriage mentor, and prayer warrior. She’s also fond of her hubby, 3 sons, and dark chocolate – in that order! 




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5 Steps to Help You Connect with God