5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Marriage

By on February 26, 2019

Getting married and spending the rest of our lives with someone is what most (if not all) of us strive for. It makes no difference if we’ve been with the same person since we were 22 or if we’re in a relationship that started on an over 50 online dating website – when you really like someone and want to be with them all the time, the only logical step is to marry them, right?

And while making the decision to tie the knot might seem like the hardest decision for some, people who have gone through it know very well that the hardest part of marriage is ensuring that it’s a good one. With that said, let’s take a look at the 5 quick ways to improve your marriage.

1. Hugs and Kisses

You may think that these things don’t matter that much after some time, but kissing and hugging your partner regularly isn’t something you should neglect if you want to have a good marriage.
Every romantic relationship starts with a good kiss and a gentle hug. The problem is that most people forget the importance of these things later on, especially once they pass a certain age. This is why maintaining that simple physical contact is one of the best ways to improve one’s marriage.

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2. Don’t Overlook the Small Things

Married couples will often get in fights over serious matters and that’s completely normal – after all, how can you come to an agreement with your husband or wife about something important if you don’t discuss it properly? But what people usually don’t do is pay attention to the positive details.
Although it may seem like everyday stuff, you’ll do good for your marriage if you start noticing the small things that your partner has done for you without ever asking for compensation or praise. Nobody is technically obliged to perform such tasks for their partner, but if your partner is behaving like that, make sure to remember it as it will help you feel grateful for the great person you have as your spouse.

3. Don’t Keep Score

Since we’ve mentioned fights between couples, we can’t help but address the habit most married people develop over the years that basically comes down to who’s been right in how many fights. Keeping score isn’t something that should exist in any relationship, let alone in a marriage.
Keeping track of how many times you were right or how many times your husband or wife messed something up rarely leads to anything good.
You might feel like you’re on top of things while you’re in the lead, but all you’re really doing is creating a gap between you and your partner. Instead, let bygones be bygones and enjoy each moment of your marriage as much as you can.

4. Know When to Say “Sorry”

Those who have been married for some time are well aware of the fact that it’s perfectly fine to make mistakes. Some mistakes are smaller and don’t hold much meaning, while there are “oopsies” that may shake a marriage to its foundations. No matter what you did wrong or how badly you screwed i t up, keep in mind that apologizing should never be something to avoid. A healthy and solid marriage is based on good communication and mutual understanding. But, if you want to improve on that even further, ensure that you never miss a chance to say “I’m sorry”. Your pride will never be as valuable to your partner as your humility.

5. Take Matters into Your Own Hands

This one goes out for all the ladies out there who have been married for quite some time! Instead of waiting on your man to take initiative and spark romance, intimacy and a truly deep connection, you can and should take matters into your own hands.

It’s not because your husband will never come around to showing a will to improve your marriage, but because there’s really nothing stopping you from working on your relationship with him. Create an environment that’s pleasant for both of you and ensure that there’s enough room for you two to actually build on your marriage. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting your energy on a relationship that’s stuck in a rut.


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5 Quick Ways to Improve Your Marriage